Weston House Calls and Home Visits

Weston House Calls and Home Visits

Weston House Calls and Home Visits

House Calls in Weston

We are proud to announce that Dr. Leeds is providing Weston House Calls and Home Visits service in Weston, Florida. Dr. Leeds was one of the original house call doctors in South Florida since the 90s, visiting patients in their resorts, hotels, condos and homes in Weston and other areas of South Florida.

What is a house call?

A house call or a home visit is a service provided by a doctor in which the doctor visits the patient in their home or where they are currently residing. While long term residents of Weston do call for doctors to visit their homes to avoid the travel and wait time of seeing a doctor in a clinic, there are also many patients who are visiting Weston, staying in a local resort or hotel. Some patients are visiting and staying in a private condo or home via AirBnB or a similar arrangement.

Who needs a house call?

Many of these visitors are coming from places outside of the United States. Visitors from Europe, South America, Asia and other regions choose Weston, Florida as their travel destination. Sometimes during travel, people get sick. Respiratory infections, ear infections, sore throats and urinary infections are common. Another reason for needing medical care while on vacation is when important medications are forgotten at home or lost during travel. Blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes medications. These are vital to continue and are sometimes missing when a traveler finds themselves very far from home.

Why would you want a house call?

So why not visit a local clinic? Seeing a doctor in a clinic while visiting from another country can be quite stressful and confusing. You must find a clinic, arrange for transportation, register, wait in a crowded waiting room and see a doctor or health care practitioner who is often employed to see many Health Care Maintenance Organization patients in a short time. Being in such a rushed setting is something you may want to avoid if possible.

Who do you call for a house call?

Fortunately, there is another way. Call Dr. Leeds if you are staying or living in Weston, FL and you would like to have a doctor visit you in the comfort of your home. No need to travel or wait in a strange clinic full of sick patients. Dr. Leeds will come to you and take care of your medical needs and put your mind at ease.