Addiction Clinics

Addiction Clinics

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Addiction clinics are simply a place to get health care.

So, addiction clinics focus on health care for addiction.  Addiction is a medical condition.  There are changes in the brain that cause you to overuse and misuse uncontrollably.  Then, you realize that you can’t stop.  Yet, you know you are hurting yourself and others, but you need help to stop.

So, how can addiction clinics help you?

The deadliest addiction is to drugs. Specifically, opioids are the deadliest of all addicting drugs. If you have a problem with opioids, you need to stop now.  Heroin is the worst opioid. The dealers are putting fentanyl into heroin.  Hence, the combination is killing more people then ever before.

What about just quitting cold turkey? Why the clinic?

Cold turkey means you make a decision to quit and stick to it. No matter what suffering comes along, you don’t give up no matter what.  In the treatment business, they also call this “white-knuckling”.  In 12-step meetings, they say, “don’t use, no matter what”.  So, however you choose to say it, it means to be strong, to use your willpower.  While this does work for some, it will not work for others. What happens when you can’t quit cold turkey?

Death should not be an option.

In recovery, they say that an addict must hit their bottom.  This means that you keep using drugs until your life is really bad. It is so bad, you have no choice but to ask for help. You are ready to do whatever it takes to get clean.  The problem with this is that the bottom for many opioid addicts is death. Should we feel good about letting our friends and family die? Is that the right thing to do?

Addiction is a medical condition.

Would you tell someone having a heart attack to stop eating steak? Would you give them a salad?  Maybe, tell them to breath deeply and relax? Just snap out of it? Of course not! If your doctor did these things, you would have an idiot for a doctor.  Heart attacks are treated with specific medical protocols. There are procedures, tests and medications. We don’t make up stuff and hope it works. Hence, we follow scientifically proven steps.

What kind of medical treatment does an addiction clinic provide?

There is a category of life-saving medications to help you quit opioids. So, if you are taking heroin, you can quit it and get on with your life.  There are resources to find addiction clinics.  If you live in South Florida, Broward County, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Oakland Park or the City of Wilton Manors or other local areas, such as Sunrise and Plantation, please call 954-776-6226. Mark Leeds, D.O. is an Osteopathic Physician who focuses on treating opioid dependence and addiction.