Five Reasons Why You Should Quit Heroin

Five Reasons Why You Should Quit Heroin

You should quit heroin. Here are five reasons why.

Reason #1:

You should quit heroin. There is a special medication that can make quitting relatively easy and painless. It is called buprenorphine. It is the main ingredient in Suboxone, Subutex, and Zubsolv. The first drug in this class was approved in 2002. Since then, we have gained much experience in using it to treat heroin addiction. It is unfortunate that other forms of addiction do not have such a powerful tool to help the addict quit. People addicted to other drugs have to quit the hard way. Hopefully, future research will yield new ways to help them.

Reason #2:

Heroin addiction is deadly. In fact, it is the most deadly of all addictions. It only takes one small mistake to overdose and stops breathing. If you do not get emergency care right away, you will die. No one plans to die when they take heroin. But, when you are high on heroin, it is easy to get careless. To make matters worse, there are powerful, potent drugs being added to heroin now. You don’t always know the true potency of what you are taking. Most drugs are cut and made weaker by the dealers. Heroin is the opposite. And when it is made stronger, it is deadly. You may get high and nod off. But, you may not wake up again.

Reason #3:

Many people describe their first time using heroin to be the best feeling they ever felt in their life. Everything in the world was good and at peace. It was a lie. It lasted many hours and then wore off. The feeling of the first high is never experienced again. You will get high again, but not like the first time. Eventually, you will not get high at all. You just get sick if you don’t use heroin. Your whole life becomes centered around getting and taking more heroin. You may still believe you will recapture that first high. That is the lie of addiction. It will never happen. If you are ready to stop feeling sick then you are ready to quit. If you want to stop the never-ending obsession, you should quit heroin.

Reason #4:

Heroin doesn’t always kill quickly. It sometimes kills slowly and painfully through illness. It is possible to overdose and survive with a permanent disability. Heart damage such as congestive heart failure. Brain damage from a lack of oxygen. Imagine living your life permanently disabled. You will be fully dependent on caretakers. No one wants to take care of someone who caused their own disability by overdosing on heroin. You also may damage your heart valves with infection. Hepatitis and HIV are risks.  Hepatitis can lead to liver cancer. Death doesn’t always come quickly. It can be slow and painful.

Reason 5:

In today’s world, there is more opportunity to live a happy life than ever before. You don’t have to be rich and famous to be happy. In fact, many rich and famous people are not happy at all. You first need to quit taking heroin. After that, you have a second chance to live the way you want to live. You may be surrounded by family, friends, co-workers, and others who tell you what you should be doing. If you get clean and go to a recovery fellowship such as AA or NA, you will find new friends. You may choose to work the 12 steps with a sponsor and discover who you are and what you were meant to do in life. Maybe it is to help other people to quit heroin. There is nothing more satisfying than helping people.

To summarize, you should quit heroin for the following reasons.  

First, you can quit heroin. Medication-assisted treatment using buprenorphine works. Second, you will probably die an unexpected, accidental death by overdose. It is far more common than people think.  Third, you want to quit. It’s not fun anymore. It will never be fun again. You just keep going to not feel sick. No one wants that.

Fourth, you will get a permanent illness or disability. If you are healthy enough to be reading this, you need to quit. Imagine severe brain damage from hypoxia. They found you in time to save your life but not your brain. Heart damage from valve infection. Hepatitis C and HIV. If you already have health issues from heroin, you really need to stop. You cannot take care of yourself when you are always obsessed with getting more heroin.  Fifth, it is never too late to live the happy life you were meant to have. You may not see it now, but you can be happy. You are addicted to heroin. If you quit now, life can only get better.

I have had patients who told me on their first visit that they cannot do it. I just asked them to try and give treatment a chance. In no time, life is better and they tell me that they wish they had started treatment sooner.

So, yes, you should quit heroin. If you want to give it a try, please call me, Mark Leeds, D.O., Osteopathic Physician. If this treatment is right for you, I will prescribe medication and therapy. You have a very good chance of feeling better and moving on with your life right away.  You should quit heroin and start living your dream. Call 954-776-6226.