Black Sheep and Drug Addiction

Black Sheep and Drug Addiction

Black Sheep

a disfavored or disreputable member of a group – Merriam-Webster

This article is written for the hard working, high performing black sheep of the world.

Particularly those of you who have struggled with drug addiction issues and still you have managed to succeed in life.  You may have completed college or even obtained an advanced graduate degree.  You may have succeeded in business.  Maybe you are the founder of a company, the owner of your own small business or big business.

Yet, you wonder how it is possible, in light of your successes in life, that your loved ones have marked you as being the “black sheep”.

They have persistently pressured you into feeling like there is something wrong with you, an inherent moral failing.  You might be treated as goofy or silly.  They consider you to be someone who is not to be taken seriously.  You are the class clown, the joker.  You are not a serious grown-up like they are.  To them, you are simply an adult child.  They probably think that you must have tricked or cheated your way to success.

How far back can you remember this feeling of being treated like an outcast by your own family?

Does it go back to early childhood?  Did you feel like you didn’t fit in?  Were you a quiet, reserved child?  Possibly anxious or shy?  Did you not meet your parents expectations of what a “normal” kid should be like? Were you always made to feel like something was wrong with you?  There was always some defect that had to be corrected.  A shortcoming that had to be fixed. When your loved ones found out that you were addicted to drugs, the black sheep status was further reinforced.  All of your successes in life were belittled.  You were told that you are a drug addict, nothing more.

I believe that you have been treated wrongly in life by family, friends, coworkers and others who have treated you like there is something wrong with you.

What you do have is a medical condition that affects parts of your brain.  You suffer from psychological dependence on one or more substances.  That does not make you a bad person.  That does not mean you should be labeled as nothing more than a “drug addict”.

Take pride in the name, “black sheep”.  Don’t think of it as a negative term.

The black sheep of the world are hard working and successful people who are misunderstood by their loved ones.  It is not your fault they don’t understand you. However, it is important to do something about the addiction issue.  It is holding you back from enjoying your life the way you were meant to.  You were meant to accomplish great things in life.  Drugs steal precious time and take away your dreams.  Drugs can also lead you to dangerous situations and cause further health issues.  They can get you arrested, imprisoned and even killed.

If you are addicted to opioids, such as heroin or pain medicine, there is medical treatment that can help you to quit quickly with minimal discomfort.  You can get back to work and back to your life without feeling sick.  If you live in Fort Lauderdale or Broward County and you are interested in medical treatment for opioid dependence, please call Mark Leeds, D.O, osteopathic physician.  Dr. Leeds can discuss treatment options and plans to help you to get better.