What does agency mean?

I once listened to an incredible podcast interview with Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress. He spoke at length about the word, “agency”. What he meant was a kind of freedom. In fact, his life’s work has been to provide people with a platform of self-expression that they can control and own for themselves. This use of the word can be readily applied to the process of recovering from addiction and finding freedom and authenticity in life. This is what I mean by addiction agency. Continue reading “Addiction Agency: Finding True Freedom In Life”

Learn to be happy by being true to yourself

Truthfulness and honesty are difficult subjects for an addicted person.If you are addicted to drugs, you have probably been confronted by your loved ones about your lack of honesty. “Where were you last night? Where’s my money? Are you using drugs again?” While lying is a symptom of active addiction, it is not who you are. Furthermore, just as important as your truthfulness with others is being honest with yourself. As part of your recovery process, you may want to consider eudaimonic addiction therapy. Continue reading “Eudaimonic Addiction Therapy: Finding Fulfillment Through Authenticity”

Why can’t I stop?

My patient looked at me with frustration. he was almost in tears. “Why do I keep doing this?” As I listened to him, I started to think about stopping trains. Fighting addiction alone is as impossible as trying to stop a train with your bare hands. After letting him talk for a while, I explained that relapse happens and is common when it comes to opioid addiction. Even with opioid treatment, relapse can happen to anyone, especially if they are not strict in their program of recovery. Continue reading “Stopping Trains: Why can’t I stop using drugs on my own?”

What does it mean to “Jump Off”?

You are an individual. Hence, if you take Suboxone and you choose to stop, it is your decision. Yet, the Suboxone Dr, the physician who prescribes and manages your Suboxone treatment, should advise you appropriately. Going from the last dose of Suboxone to no Suboxone is sometimes called the “jump off”. Continue reading “Suboxone Dr Helping to Manage the Final Jump Off”

What is the old recovery?

There are two major 12 step Fellowship organizations with the worldwide presence. Both were founded in the mid to early 20th century. Drug addiction and alcoholism quickly went from being hopeless terminal conditions to well defined illnesses that could be successfully treated with group support and of course the 12 steps. What are the overall success rate of these programs may have been fairly low, it was dramatically better than doing nothing at all. Continue reading “New Recovery VS Old Recovery”

Should you go to Narcotics Anonymous?

Throughout history, there have been periods where an illness could be readily diagnosed but there was no adequate medical treatment. Whenever this has been the case, society has done the best it can to protect the sick and those around them. In fact, when it comes to addiction, at this point in time, there is little that the medical community can provide in the way of treatment. That is, for most forms of addiction. There is psychotherapy and rehab. Yet, there is little in the way of effective medical therapy with the exception of opioid addiction treatment. Continue reading “Narcotics Anonymous: Should You Go to Meetings?”

Living better through quitting

Don’t take the title of this article the wrong way. I am not suggesting that you quit going to therapy. If you are seeing a therapist, such as a doctor of psychology, that is a good thing. That is not what I mean by quit therapy. I am proposing a better way to live your life, by quitting as many things as possible that reduce your happiness. Continue reading “Quit Therapy”

Welcome back!

When you missed your appointment, I was worried. I checked in with you once or twice to see if you wanted to reschedule, but I also wanted to respect your privacy. Continue reading “I am so happy to see you again”

Just say no means more than just quitting drugs.

When the first lady of the United States told us to “just say no” to drugs, many of us laughed at her. Why was it so funny? I think that we all know it’s not so easy. If it was, then we would have already been saying no. The fact is that, not only is it good advice, it should be applied to more than just drugs. There is a lot more that we must just say no to. It can save lives. Continue reading “Just Say No. It Can Save Your Life.”

Escape Rooms are an analogy for the process of gaining freedom from oppression.

Have you visited any of the many escape rooms? These businesses are popping up everywhere. It is a new and exciting form of entertainment that teaches valuable lessons. Hence, those of us who are in difficult life situations can learn from them. Continue reading “The Escape Rooms: Planning Your Escape”