Brixadi Versus Sublocade: Battle of the Buprenorphine Injections

Brixadi Versus Sublocade: Battle of the Buprenorphine Injections

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A new buprenorphine injection is coming soon.

Nearly two decades after buprenorphine was approved to treat opiate addiction, a long acting injectable form was approved. This monthly injection is called sublocade. Now, a new injectable is coming out and it appears that it may be a bit more flexible. Brixadi versus Sublocade: which injectable bupe will be best for patients?


Brixadi is the name of this new drug in a class that some people call injectable Suboxone. While Brixadi is similar to Sublocade in some ways, it is quite different in others. Like Sublocade, Brixadi turns to a solid when injected. This solid structure releases buprenorphine for an extended period of time and eventually dissolves.


Brixadi can be injected in a variety of injection sites, where Sublocade can only be injected under the skin around the umbilicus. Also, Brixadi does not have to be refrigerated. Sublocade must be refrigerated. Another difference is that Brixadi comes in many milligram strengths and can be injected either weekly or monthly. Sublocade is only a monthly injection and it comes in just two strengths.

Which is better?

While Brixadi would seem to be the superior product based on this comparison this may not necessarily be the case. Sublocade is available now and it is being used by real patients. We know that it works over extended periods of time. I have heard patients report that it works as well as taking sublingual Suboxone, Subutex or ZubSolv on a daily basis. Of course, there is the convenience of not having to worry about taking daily medication. Brixadi, on the other hand, is not on the market just yet. Final FDA approval is still pending at the time of the writing of this article. While we hope for the best for this new injectable buprenorphine, it is possible that Sublocade, the subcutaneous buprenorphine injection, will come out on top.

A shot for everyone.

Even more likely is that we will find that both of these products will have their place. There will be patients who do better with Sublocade and, there will be other patients who do best with Brixadi. There are also going to be patients who will benefit most from the traditional sublingual forms of buprenorphine. Having more choices is always best for everyone. Speak to your local doctor credentialed to provide buprenorphine treatment for more information.

More about Brixadi.

Brixadi is a new pharmaceutical product made by Braeburn. Braeburn is the company that also produces Probuphine, a six month buprenorphine implant.