Suboxone VS ZubSolv

Suboxone VS ZubSolv

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What’s better, Suboxone or ZubSolv?

So, you are about to start medication assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid or opiate addiction or dependence. Your doctor may present you with a choice of medication brands. While generics are being used more now, the big brands are still preferred by some health plans. Suboxone vs ZubSolv, which one is best?

Coverage is important.

First, cost is significant when it comes to treatment. These brands can cost as much as $10 or more per dose. Hence, if you have insurance, you will want to be certain that you are taking a covered med. While some plans prefer Suboxone Films, others will prefer ZubSolv. Your health plan formulary may make your choice very easy. If you do not have coverage, there are other ways to save money as described here.

Other considerations.

If your plan covers both, you will want to know about the specific differences. When it comes to Suboxone VS ZubSolv, taste is significant. Very simply, Suboxone Films taste bad and ZubSolv tablets do not. When you have to take a medication every day, taste is important. Dissolving speed is also important. Fortunately, both brands dissolve fairly quickly. Soon, they will be releasing an even faster dissolving wafer. ZubSolv also has the advantage of providing more dosages. This will make reducing your dose over time a lot easier.

So, which is the better product?

When you take everything into consideration, ZubSolv is the better product. First of all, it comes in many different strengths, making adjustments easier. Second, it tastes better and dissolves very fast. Additionally, the company provides a voucher program that includes 30 free tablets. The vouchers can really help a person who needs to start treatment.

Suboxone VS ZubSolv, in conclusion.

While I have concluded that ZubSolv wins in Suboxone VS ZubSolv, there is nothing wrong with taking Suboxone Films. They work very well in treating opioid addiction. If your doctor or your health plan insists on that brand, do not be concerned.