Does Suboxone Clean Up The Mess Of Your Life?

Does Suboxone Clean Up The Mess Of Your Life?

No, but it makes it possible for you to start cleaning up.

Of course, it is easier to ignore the mess. Getting high every day means that you don’t have to think about your problems. Yet, while you avoid dealing with problems, they continue to pile up. The bills pile up and become overdue.The kitchen is a mess. The garbage doesn’t go out. The pool turns green. The kids aren’t eating.

Things are going to go wrong when you don’t handle the basic responsibilities of daily living.

I have heard stories of people who smoked crack in their bathroom, locking themselves in for 12 hours straight while the kids banged on the door, hungry and waiting to be fed. Others have left the house to pick up something at the grocery store, maybe a carton of milk, and not come back for days. When you’re getting high, you tend to forget about your responsibilities. Time just slips away. Drugs suppress your feelings so you don’t have to worry about the guilt or the remorse over the direction that your life is heading.

Getting clean and recovering from active addiction can be a long and difficult process.

In the early days of getting clean in an abstinence-based program where there is no medical treatment, only relying on the support of others to help you fight the cravings and urges, it is possible to put off dealing with responsibilities and cleaning up the mess for a while. You go to meetings and connecting with new friends in recovery. You go out for coffee together in the mornings, dinner after nigh meetings, and talk about what it means to be clean and learn the principles of the program of recovery. These are important parts of your foundation and it is reasonable to put off those nagging responsibilities, such as maxed out credit cards and piled up bills.

For people who struggle with opioid addiction who choose to go the route of medication-assisted treatment with Suboxone, things can be easier in the beginning.

While it is still very important to build a network of support and to go for therapy, the medication does a lot of the heavy lifting. When you go from use of an opiate or opioid such as heroinfentanyl, or oxycodone, to taking Suboxone on a daily basis, you may feel as if you’ve been cured of your addiction. Your thinking clears up and the cravings go away. In a very short time, you feel completely normal, having put those feelings of drug obsession behind you.

Yet, there is still a lot to be done. You may find it difficult to see sleep at night, thinking about the work that lies ahead. It’s as if a hurricane or tornado has hit your neighborhood and debris is strewn everywhere.

There is so much cleanup and rebuilding to be done. It is at this point that you must stand back and look at the bigger picture. Most importantly, look at your recent successes. Consider the fact that you went from a state of hopelessness to having hope. You are alive, off of drugs, and you have made a decision to change your life for the better. Everything else can be handled one step at a time.

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed.

Handle what you’re able to handle and ask for help wherever possible. You may find that not everything needs to be fixed right away. In fact there may be some things that you’ve lost during active addiction that you are better off without.

As you move forward in recovery and work with your therapist, not only will you start to put your life back together, but you will make an assessment of your life and decide how best to move forward.

Often, you’ll find that the things that are most rewarding and make you most happy are activities that involve helping other people. It is important to have people in your life that you can be honest and open with. Having the support of your family, doctor, therapist and trusted friends in recovery will help to ensure your ongoing success. I wish you the best of luck and success in making a new life in a new future for yourself and finding your best path to happiness and fulfillment. Take care of yourself and stay clean today, because you are worth it.