Fake Pills: A Serious Danger For Opiate and Opioid Users

Fake Pills: A Serious Danger For Opiate and Opioid Users

Fake pills are real

If you are addicted to opioids in the form of prescription pills or tablets, the issue of fake pills on the street are a real danger. In fact, you may believe that you are safe because you only use legitimate pharmaceuticals rather than street heroin. Unfortunately, this is not the case, especially now.

Flooding the streets with counterfeits

According to this news story, fake oxycodone pills are being made with black market pill presses in clandestine labs in The United States and Mexico. Unfortunately, the little blue pills that drug users know so well are being made with deadly super-potent opioids. Hence, your pills could be filled with deadly elephant tranquilizer, not pharmaceutical grade oxycodone.

What about other fake pills?

While the most commonly faked tablets are the blue oxycodone 30MGs, it stands to reason that there are other fakes out there. In fact, it is entirely possible that there could be fake Subutex on the streets. Subutex is a brand similar to Suboxone, used to treat opioid dependence and prevent withdrawal sickness. Imagine if your street-bought Subutex is really made with Fentanyl or Carfentanil, two common deadly street opioids. When you are sick with opioid withdrawal sickness, any opioid will take away the sickness temporarily. But, buying Subutex on the street, real or fake, is in no way recovery from addiction.

Real recovery

Make no mistake, to be safe, buy your prescribed medicine from a real pharmacy. Not only will you avoid the deadly street fake pills, you will also truly be in recovery. To recover from addiction, you must change your behavior. Work on a recovery plan with your doctor and stick to the plan. Don’t deal with drug dealers. Don’t take meds that are not prescribed to you. To get better, you need ongoing therapy and a solid support system. You can do it, taking certain steps to clean up your life.

There are no safe solutions to addiction recovery on the streets

With the exception of group fellowships, such as AA and NA and other legitimate support groups, try to stay away from solutions found on the streets. There are herbs, plants, fake pills, diverted meds and more out there. If you use these black market alternatives, you put yourself at risk legally and health-wise. Even though there are plant-based products, such as kratom, CBD, THC, marijuana, ibogaine and others, there needs to be proper scientific research. Therapeutic plants must be studied, standardized and approved properly by federal agencies before patients can be safely treated with them. In time, we will have new and improved treatment options, some of which may originate from nature. In the meantime, I recommend that you avoid dangerous, life-threatening experimentation. It is your life and your health.

We have safe and effective medical treatments for opioid addiction

While new and improved treatments are on the horizon, We already have safe meds that work well. So, see your doctor. Get started with detox therapy. Your recovery and your new, fulfilling life, free of drugs, can start now.