Podcasts About Addiction And Recovery

What are the best recovery podcasts? First, I should explain what a podcast is. For those of you who have not heard the term before, a podcast is like a radio show. Typically, podcasts are similar to talk radio programs. While there are video podcast programs, most are currently audio only. Continue reading “Best Recovery Podcasts: Listening To The Voices Of Recovery”

The Opioid Crisis Response Act of 2018

With this new law, there may finally be light at the end of the tunnel. Free Suboxone treatment has not been available so far, with only a few exceptions. Now, there will soon be funding for many more accessible programs. Continue reading “Free Suboxone Treatment: An Interview With Lobbyist Bob Coates”

Opioid addiction treatment for young people

Addiction affects people of all ages, including children. However, doctors have not focused adequately on medical addiction treatment for childhood opioid addiction. In fact, many experts still believe that the best treatment for addicted children is therapy without medication. Contrary to this belief, opioid addiction treatment should be comprehensive and include medication as well as therapy. Continue reading “Opioid addiction treatment works. Why don’t more young people get prescribed medication?”

We are looking for qualified podcast sponsors

In 2018, I started a podcast called, “The Rehab”. The topic is generally medical addiction treatment, though I have explored a wide variety of topics related to addiction recovery. So far, I have had an incredible response to the show. My patients are listening and listeners from around the world are discovering it online.

Continue reading “Podcast Sponsors for The Rehab Podcast”