Clean Time Is Your Super Power

Clean Time Is Your Super Power

The following text is a work of fiction in the genre of Addiction Science Fiction.  Some people struggling with dependence and addiction to opioids may relate to some of the concepts in this story, it is entirely a fictional account.

Welcome To Earth

Clean Time is your super power.  Imagine that you were sent to Earth to escape a dying alien world.  You appear to be human and you fit right in.  Well, you mostly fit in.  As you are raised by your Earth parents and you go off to school, you realize that you are different from the human children around you.  Your parents never told you that they found you in a crashed space ship in a field.  They made up a story about your birth in the hospital and they had a birth certificate created to back up their story.  Your Earth parents want you to believe that you are a human, born on Earth.

At an early age, you discover that you have super powers. 

You are not super strong or able to fly.  Your eyes don’t have laser or x-ray vision.  The super power that you have is the unique and different way that you see the world.  Putting things together.  Making connections between ideas that other people cannot.  The ability to create.  You may use your powers to make art work, music or literature and poetry.  You may get interested in reading and imagining what it is like to live in fantasy or future worlds.  As you grow up, you wonder if there are others like you out there.  Yes, there are.

Unfortunately, there are things on Earth that are particularly dangerous.

While there are many Supers who avoid these dangers, they are not easy to avoid.  These dangerous substances found on Earth are known to the locals as drugs.  It usually starts with the gateway drugs.  Alcohol, marijuana, mushrooms, LSD and others.  Hopefully it stops there.

For the unlucky among the Supers who secretly live among humans, they will come across the most dangerous and addicting drugs.  These include stimulants such as cocaine and amphetamines.  The most dangerous of all are the opioids.  Especially heroin and fentanyl.  These drugs quickly induce addiction in Supers.  Much more so than in humans.

The super powerful creative minds of Supers like yourself are more susceptible to addiction. 

Addiction uses your powers against you.  It uses your own genius intelligence and creative ability to trap you in a downward spiral of addiction and drug abuse, leading towards degradation and death.

Humans, like the Supers who have landed on Earth, are also susceptible to addiction.  While they can also go down the same morbid path towards death, because of their more limited minds, they are often able to more easily fight their way out of addiction.  You may have seen them in 12-step recovery meetings.  They are sometimes known as the “one chip wonders”.  They put down drugs once and never picked them up again.

These humans moved on and started a new way of life.  When you ask why it doesn’t work the same for you, they tell you that you are not working it enough.  You try to work the program.  It’s not easy.  You are acutely aware that you are not like these “success stories” that smoothly make the transition into the world of recovery.

Then, one day, you find that you are able to get through a full day clean. 

The drugs and addiction have tortured you enough.  Every time the thought pops in your head to get high again, you can only think of the torture of what comes next.  The suffering.  If you can put off using drugs for another day, you will have two days clean.  Then, after that, comes three days.

Something special happens as the days accumulate.  You will find that your super powers start to return.  Creative thought and unique, powerful ideas.  If you get too comfortable in your life, you might slip up and use drugs again.  If this happens, you instantly lose your powers.  Addiction holds you down and reduces you to simply trying to survive.  You are better than that.

If you can hang in for days, months and put together over a year of clean time, something very special happens. 

You will discover that your powers of creativity and genius come back and are as strong as ever.  You are a super hero and your super power depends on ever increasing clean time.

Clean time is not just a number or a chip or key tag to be picked up at a meeting.  It’s more than a little medallion to hang on a necklace.  It is what makes you special on Earth among human beings.  You will be able to do important things with your life.  You can create.  It is never too late to reclaim your life from addiction.

If it seems difficult or impossible in the beginning, please stick with it.  Don’t let yourself fall for the lies that your addiction is telling you.  Your life is going to be great if you just keep staying clean.  The world is depending on you.  Be the super hero you were always meant to be.

I hope you enjoyed this short fictional story.  If you are dependent or addicted to opioids and you are struggling to quit, medication assisted treatment is a safe and effective form of treatment that will allow you to continue with your life without the sickness and deadly risk of using opioids.  If you live in Fort lauderdale, Oakland Park, Wilton Manors, Pompano Beach or anywhere in the Broward County area, please call Mark Leeds, D.O.  Dr. Leeds is an osteopathic physician qualified to prescribe buprenorphine medications such as Suboxone, Subutex and Zubsolv in addition to group and private therapy.  Call 954-776-6226 to schedule an appointment.