Cravings For Drugs

Cravings For Drugs

Cravings For DrugsWhen it comes to addiction, cravings for drugs are a big problem.  The word, “craving”, is almost too innocent for what it represents.  In the context of drug addiction, it is not the same as a pregnant woman having a craving for pickles and ice cream.  It is not like having a craving for a late night pizza or an ice cream cone.  There may be no word in the English language that captures the horror brought on those who suffer from addiction and the people around them by cravings.

A craving may manifest as a thought or a feeling.  

As a thought, it may come up as a fully formed plan rather than just a passing thought.  As a feeling, it may be more than just an emotional feeling.  It can be very physical.  

A craving for a drug seems like it can only be handled in one way.  

When you are hungry, eating makes the hunger pains go away.  When you have an itch, scratching usually takes care of it.  A drug craving gives you the feeling that you can handle it the same way.  Taking a drug should satisfy the craving.  This is the big lie.  It never works.  It has never worked for anyone and it never will work.  Taking a drug will always cause more cravings.  

If you have been clean for any amount of time, the cravings will begin to subside.  

They will weaken with time.  They may still seem bad.  You still get that sick feeling that you have to take something.  You feel like you have to just get high one more time to satisfy it.  But as time passes, you must remind yourself that you cannot ever satisfy a craving for drugs by taking drugs.

The only solution is to let the craving pass.  

Cravings always pass.  They eventually just go away. Just wait and give it time.  It will help if you have people to talk to who understand what you are going through.  Group meetings are a great place to meet people who understand and are willing to talk about it.  It will help to meditate and to be mindful and aware of your existance.  Let the craving pass and don’t hold on to it.  

Engaging activities can also help.  

Creating activities such as writing are excellent.  Musical performance and composition are also an option.  Physical activity such as working out in the gym, walking, bicycling, using an elliptical machine are great.  Activities to avoid are taking up smoking cigarettes and overeating.  If you can avoid making things worse in other areas of your life, do your best to avoid these things.

For certain types of drug cravings, there are medical solutions.  

Cravings for drugs such as heroin, pain medication and other opioids can be quite severe.  The same is true of alcohol.  There are medications that can help to minimize and, in some cases, eliminate these cravings quickly.  These drugs are so deadly, it is recommended to seek medical assistance if you suffer from cravings for them.

If you would like more information on medical treatment for drug and alcohol cravings including heroin addiction treatment, please call Mark Leeds, D.O.  You can reach Dr. Leeds at 954-776-6226.