Detox Clinics in Broward County Have a New Treatment Tool

Detox Clinics in Broward County Have a New Treatment Tool

Detox Clinics now providing monthly injectable buprenorphine in Broward County

In Broward County, residents have been blessed with having many detox clinics available. However, until now, the options for treatment have been limited. For Suboxone patients, there has been a choice of medicine that dissolves under the tongue or a six month surgical implant.

A better option for many patients.

The two major options that have existed until now are not ideal for all patients. The Suboxone films and tablets leave a bad aftertaste. Some patients have trouble following the prescribed regimen. Doctors worry about their patients sticking with the program.

Surgery has risks.

The implant has not been a good option for most patients. It has high risks. These include infection and nerve damage. Scar tissue is also a concern.

A new way to treat heroin and opioid pill addiction.

Yet, there is now a new option that may significantly change opioid and opiate addiction and dependence treatment going forward. The first brand in this class is Sublocade. This is a monthly injection administered as part of  a complete detox treatment program.

Your treatment is covered.

If you have insurance, you will be able to switch from Suboxone to Sublocade. Your copayment should be low. Insurance companies will cover this treatment.

Peace of mind for your family.

If you are doing well with Suboxone treatment, your loved ones are happy with the positive changes in your life. Suboxone works very well for many patients. However, as you get back to your busy life, you may sometimes forget to take your medicine. And, there can be pressure from abstinence recovery groups and the people in your life who think they know what is best for you. When people who are not your doctor get involved in making medical decisions for you, the results can be disastrous.

No more worrying.

Monthly injectable buprenorphine can give you and your loved ones peace of mind. There is little concern about outside pressures to alter your therapy between doctor visits because the therapy is already set when you get the injection. All you have to do is show up to your monthly appointment. There is no need to wait at a pharmacy counter, only to get those funny looks from the pharmacist and pharmacy staff. You don’t have to worry about hiding and locking up your precious Suboxone films.

You deserve respect.

Taking a prescription for Suboxone to a pharmacy conjures up images of an elderly pharmacist giving a piercing, disapproving look over his bifocals after examining your prescription. How is it possible that there are health care professionals who do not understand the nature of opioid use disorder? It is a chronic illness that often requires medical treatment.

No more uncomfortable questions.

What about when a family member or friend sees the little foil packages for your Suboxone films? Do they ask a lot of questions? “You seem fine, are you ready to stop taking that stuff yet?” “Is your doctor ever going to lower your dosage?” “Why do you need to take drugs to get better when your brother is doing fine going to meetings?” These questions are not only offensive and inappropriate, they can be deadly. Family members don’t always realize the result of the pressures they place on you.

You deserve privacy.

An monthly injection, such as Sublocade, is provided in your doctor’s office. Imagine how peaceful life could be if all you have to do is show up to a quiet detox clinic once a month and get a shot. Done. You don’t have to worry about a thing until the next month. Your medical condition is between you and your doctor.

Ask your doctor.

Sublocade is now available in detox clinics in Broward County. While it may not be the best solution for everyone, it will be life changing for many people. If you are prescribed Suboxone, Subutex, ZubSolv, or buprenorphine, ask your doctor about monthly injectable buprenorphine at your next visit. Find out if it may be right for you.