Honesty and Gratitude, The Sworn Enemies Of The Disease Of Addiction

Honesty and Gratitude, The Sworn Enemies Of The Disease Of Addiction

Honesty and Gratitude. The warriors that will help you fight to stay alive.

Honesty and gratitude are not easy in the beginning. A patient once told me a story. His family confronted him about his addiction.  They gave him an ultimatum. If he did not stop using drugs, they were going to have him locked up in rehab.

He wanted to be honest, but he couldn’t.

He described to me a battle that was happening at that moment in his mind. While he fought with his family and swore he would fight them every step of the way, inside, he was crying out for help. His voice inside begged for help.  “Please, lock me up. Save me from myself.  I can’t stop this.” The words could not come out of his mouth. His addiction had too strong of a hold on him. He simply promised his family he would not take drugs again. The same old empty promise.

Honesty can save your life.

If you can’t stop taking drugs, one place you can start is by being honest with someone. It doesn’t have to be your family. It most likely shouldn’t be your co-workers. You can see a private therapist. Or, you can talk to your doctor. You can go to group meetings for addiction recovery, such as NA or AA. Find a safe place where you can be completely open and honest. It will help to tell your secrets. Hence, it will help you to fight your disease of addiction.

Gratitude can save your life.

Being grateful for the good things in your life can also help. You will find it helpful to keep a written list.  Write down every day things you notice. Things you are grateful for. You will be surprised at the things you come up with. If you are not in pain, be grateful. The plumbing in your home is working, be grateful. So, you will find many things throughout the day. Keep a list. If you look back at your list and review, you will feel better about your life without drugs.

Value your clean time.

Be grateful for your clean time.  Even if it is only a few days. Your clean time is your most valuable possession. It is important to take care of it and keep it safe.  Continue to be grateful and honest.  You will find that you can continue to add more days to your clean time. Then, you will see your life getting better with each new day clean.