Eudaimonic Addiction Therapy: Finding Fulfillment Through Authenticity

Eudaimonic Addiction Therapy: Finding Fulfillment Through Authenticity

Learn to be happy by being true to yourself

Truthfulness and honesty are difficult subjects for an addicted person.If you are addicted to drugs, you have probably been confronted by your loved ones about your lack of honesty. “Where were you last night? Where’s my money? Are you using drugs again?” While lying is a symptom of active addiction, it is not who you are. Furthermore, just as important as your truthfulness with others is being honest with yourself. As part of your recovery process, you may want to consider eudaimonic addiction therapy.

What is Eudaimonic Addiction Therapy?

Eudaimonia is a word that represents a special kind of happiness. However, it is not the false happiness that comes from instant gratification. More accurately, it is the fulfillment that comes from being true to yourself. While medical treatment and psychotherapy are key components of addiction treatment, it is important to get to the core issues of why you started using drugs. Is it because you are not living the life that you believe you were meant to live?

Quitting the family business

Mani Saint-Victor, M.D. states in his interview on The Rehab Podcast on The Mental Health News Radio Network that he is working to create a eudaimonic machine in his life. Dr. Mani is building a system that keeps him in line with his true self. In doing so, he has helped many others to change their story and live the lives they were meant to live. One of the most significant changes he made in his life was to quit the medical field in his third year of residency. In fact, he wrote a book on the subject, “Thinking About Quitting Medicine?” Our lives can get side-tracked for years, trying to live the life that our families expect us to. Success means not doing what everyone else thinks you should do, but doing what you know is right for you.

Service to others.

A key component of many programs of recovery is to follow a spiritual path of helping others. You can use this concept as a part of your eudaimonic addiction therapy. In writing in your daily journal, consider if your life’s purpose involves helping others to live better lives. If it does, than you are likely on the right path. By the way, keeping a daily journal is very important in the recovery process.

Spirituality and Fulfillment

While Dr. Mani discovered that his life’s path involved quitting medicine and psychiatry, Anna Yusim, M.D. decided to use her career as a psychiatrist to help others to find fulfillment in life. She is the author of “Fulfilled: How the Science of Spirituality Can Help You Live a Happier, More Meaningful Life”. In her book, Dr. Yusim speaks about being aligned with your authentic self. Yet, it is not easy to give up the false life you are living and to stop caring about what others think. She discusses the topic of spirituality and finding fulfillment in life in her interview on The Rehab Podcast. You can also learn more about Dr. Yusim here.

Where can you find Eudaimonic Addiction Therapy?

This is a good question. Who is willing to guide you through the process of discovering who you are? When you are looking for a psychologist or family therapist, you may want to ask this question up front. Ask if they can help you to build your eudaimonic machine. Hence, can they help you to discover and align with your authentic self?