Free Sublocade: Read This To Learn How You Can Get The “Suboxone Shot” For Free

Free Sublocade: Read This To Learn How You Can Get The “Suboxone Shot” For Free

Will this revolutionary addiction treatment be available for free?

Free Sublocade will soon be a reality. For people with insurance, there is already help to get the cost very low. Many patients pay only $5 per monthly injection. However, patients without insurance cannot take advantage of this copay assistance program. Fortunately, a full assistance program is coming soon.

Just like the Free Suboxone program.

Free Suboxone has been available for years. For patients in need, the Here To Help program provides up to one year of free medicine. This program comes from the makers of Suboxone. Fortunately, the same company also makes Sublocade. They are already planning to provide free Sublocade therapy to people who need it.

How can you get free Sublocade?

I would recommend checking the website, There is a “savings” tab on the menu. For now, when you click on that tab, it goes to a page about the copay assistance program. I believe that this is the page that will soon have information about a full patient assistance program to provide free Sublocade.

What about Here To Help?

The Here To Help program is specifically for Suboxone. Each doctor is allowed to have up to three patients on the program at a time. These patients are given a card that pays for up to one year of Suboxone. Since there is no such program for Sublocade yet, this may be a good alternative. It is also possible that the people who answer the phones at Here To Help will have information on the upcoming free Sublocade program.

Other alternatives for free or low cost opioid addiction treatment medications.

While I have written about free medication programs in the past, I will repeat some of the information briefly here. It is possible to get ZubSolv for free with special vouchers. There is also a ZubSolv patient assistance program. There are a variety of discount cards. One excellent discount card is GoodRx, which provides significant discounts on generic medications.