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Generic Suboxone Film: When Will It Finally Be Approved?

When Will The Generic Suboxone Strips Be Available?

While pharmacies have been carrying generic Suboxone tablets for some time, patients want to know about a generic film or strip. Most patients prefer the film over tablets. The fact is that the film dissolves faster.

Faster dissolving is better.

Because Suboxone must dissolve under your tongue, you are going to want it to go fast.  While you wait for it to finish, you must keep your mouth shut and wait. When your generic tablet takes 20 minutes or more to dissolve, that can be frustrating. The brand film happens to dissolve quickly.

Why is there no generic Suboxone film currently?

We were hoping for a generic film this year. Unfortunately, due to a legal battle and a patent dispute, the release of generic suboxone has been delayed. Hence, we do not know if or when it will be available.

So, what is the best alternative?

If you are uninsured and you have financial difficulties, you may qualify for a patient assistance program. It is possible to get a year of free Suboxone this way. Additionally, you can get an alternate brand, ZubSolv, a very fast dissolving alternative. In fact, you can get up to 30 ZubSolv tablets for free with a manufacturers voucher. Read here about a new law signed in 2018 that will provide funding for many more free suboxone programs.

Waiting longer is also an option.

If you don’t mind waiting for a generic Suboxone tablet to dissolve, you may not have any problem with this cheap alternative. You may find that taking 15-30 minutes during your day of quiet time is a nice way to meditate or relax. Taking breaks from your daily routine is not a bad idea.

Still, there is another option out there.

An interesting alternative that exists is sublingual troches. A troche is a form of a lozenge that is made to dissolve. Special compounding pharmacies already make a variety of medication troches for patients to take by placing them under their tongues to dissolve. There are already pharmacies advertising very low cost buprenorphine troches. Since buprenorphine is the main ingredient in generic Suboxone, this may be ideal for some people. While insurance may not cover a compounded troche, you will find that compounding pharmacies have competitive pricing.

In conclusion, we have alternatives for now for a generic Suboxone film.

While we hope that the legal issues will be resolved, it is possible that there will not be an actual generic film any time soon, though this article provides some hope.

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