Free Suboxone, Free Subutex and Free Zubsolv

Free Suboxone, Free Subutex and Free Zubsolv


How to get free buprenorphine meds for opioid dependence

Thank you for visiting. Some of the information discussed below may have changed somewhat in recent months. The Suboxone Here-To-Help program seems to have been quietly discontinued. I heard that they would honor the months left for existing members, but no new members would be signed up. Fortunately, generic films/strips are now available and prices are lower for generic Suboxone in general. Please listen to my podcast and subscribe. It is The Rehab Podcast. The official website for the podcast is You can also find it in your favorite podcast app. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and let me know what you would like to see in future content by sending comments here.

Free Suboxone, Free Subutex, Free Zubsolv, Free buprenorphine?

Free Suboxone, free Subutex, free Zubsolv and free buprenorphine are available for those who qualify. It is important to be aware of patient assistance programs.  Suboxone once had a program called Here To Help.  Also, there is a ZubSolv program.  Subutex, as far as I know, does not have a patient assistance program.  If you are uninsured, you may qualify.  Also, they are for people with low incomes.

So, how can you apply for Here To Help?

Is it possible to apply for free Suboxone? Unfortunately, the free Suboxone offered by Indivior is no longer available. With the introduction of generic buprenorphine/naloxone films or strips, Suboxone costs have dropped and Indivior has chosen to drop this important patient assistance program that helped to offset Suboxone treatment costs by making the medication part of MAT free to qualifying patients.

What limitations are there for these programs?

Keep in mind, there are patient limits for free suboxone and free Zubsolv.  In the Here To Help program, there is a limit of three patients per doctor.  The Zubsolv program allows for one patient per doctor.  So, if you are planning to join one of these programs, ask your doctor if there are free spaces. If you need help for a short time, ZubSolv has vouchers that cover 15 free tablets each.  They allow each patient to use two vouchers in a lifetime.  If you take up to 16mg daily of buprenorphine, It is possible to get a full month covered.  If you do not qualify for a free program, check the drug maker websites or ask your pharmacist about discount cards.

What about cheap generics?

Unfortunately, generics are not cheap.  They certainly are not on the Walmart $4 list.  In fact, at best, $4 per tablet may be the best price you will find.  Yes, that is per tablet.  To help out, many pharmacies will allow patients to fill part of the prescription.  When you are ready to buy more, you go back and get what you can afford.  But, make sure you ask your pharmacy if they allow this and if they have limitations.

Will the government help out?

You may have heard in the news, state governments and the US federal government want to help fight opioid addiction.  Hence, they have promised to spend a lot of money on the problem.  So, where is this money going?  If it’s not paying for the doctor visits and it is not paying for the medicine, then how are they helping?  It would be great they could help pay for life-saving buprenorphine.  At least, the federal government could resolve the issue with overpriced generic buprenorphine.

How much will my Suboxone cost without insurance? How much does Suboxone cost?

Medication prices can vary from one pharmacy to another. As a rule, generics are always cheaper than brand name drugs and they are usually just as good. If you are looking for a good source of generic prescription prices that compares prices between different pharmacies, you may want to look at the GoodRx website or app. GoodRx also provides a discount card that ensures that you will get the listed price. Rather than posting a suboxone price here, it is probably best to look at this important and useful resource to get accurate and up-to-date information in your community. Using a Suboxone discount card or a Suboxone savings card will lower your Suboxone cost also, but you may still get better deals using a general discount card to purchase the generic. If you are trying to figure out how much does Suboxone cost without insurance, generics with a discount card are almost always the best way to go.

How much is Suboxone without insurance if I really want the brand name films?

How much is Suboxone? If you are determined to get the brand name Suboxone product without using insurance, be prepared to pay a premium price. Generally, the new generic buprenorphine/naloxone films work just as well, so this is usually not a good idea. Often, the cost of Suboxone brand-name products ranges from $10 to $15 per dose. This can add up quickly when you are taking it once or twice daily.

What is the ZubSolv street price? What is the street value of Suboxone?

Some patients have actually brought up the topic of medication street prices in shopping for medical care. This is not ever a good idea, to even think about obtaining medications from any source other than a legitimate pharmacy. Medications sold on the streets may not even be real. There has been an issue with fake medications that can contain toxic synthetic drugs. Also, dealing in the black market for controlled opioid medications, which includes buprenorphine meds such as Suboxone and ZubSolv, is highly illegal and can result in serious legal consequences. Interestingly, when it comes to ZubSolv, there is little interest in it on the streets, probably because it is the lesser-known brand of buprenorphine-naloxone compared to Suboxone. Either way, Suboxone street prices, and Suboxone strips street value should never be a part of your decision-making process in deciding where to go for help in overcoming opioid addiction.

Can you buy Suboxone online?

Online pharmacies have been a serious problem in the past. Unfortunately, there was a lot of abuse where these pharmacies were selling dangerous prescription drugs with very little medical evaluation. In some cases, they were simply having customers fill out a short form that was reviewed by a doctor who never had any direct communication with the patient. This has led to online pharmacies being very limited by new laws to protect patients. However, it is possible to have your pharmacy deliver your medications. This can be helpful if it is difficult for you to leave your home to go wait at a pharmacy to have your prescription filled.

Does Medicaid cover Suboxone?

Medicaid policies will vary from state to state. It is best to address this issue with your state’s Medicaid program. Generally, medications for addiction treatment should be covered by insurance. 

How to get Suboxone prescribed for free. How do I find free Suboxone clinics near me?

There are free suboxone program funded clinics in most regions that provide addiction treatment with little to no cost. While some of these free Suboxone programs do require patients to pay for their medications, they do at least provide the medical evaluation and treatment by a healthcare provider free or at a low cost. If you have any information about any free Suboxone clinic in your area, please leave a comment below.

Are there free Suboxone samples?

At one time, there were pharmaceutical companies providing free samples of medications in the same controlled category as Suboxone. For example, there is a medication called Vicoprofen that was once a Schedule III drug, just like Suboxone, and pharmaceutical reps would bring samples in doctor’s offices and clinics. In more recent years, with increased restrictions on the distribution of controlled medications, there are now few, if any, controlled drug samples given out. Also, Suboxone is an established brand name that is now available as a less expensive generic. This means that there would be little motivation for the company to provide samples even if they were able to.

How to get Suboxone free since they have discontinued the Here-To-Help program.

It is possible that there are other free Suboxone programs out there. Some of the free Suboxone clinics include medication with treatment. For example, Palm Beach County in Florida has a program associated with JFK Medical Center that includes all aspects of treatment, including medication. There may also be local programs in your community that provide medication assistance. If you are aware of any such programs, please leave a comment below.

Suboxone prices will continue to drop.

This is the first year that Suboxone films are available as a generic. As time passes, these generics will continue to go down in price. There are also less expensive generic buprenorphine and naloxone tablets. Hopefully, Suboxone prices will go down further to assist patients in having better access to affordable medical care for opioid use disorder.

Further specific information about free programs and free medication.

Fortunately, since this article has been available, people have reached out and provided some useful information about various programs around the country in the comment section below. I hope that this tradition will continue and more useful information can be collected on this page. I have also done some research in response to questions about available programs in specific regions and posted my findings here. I apologize if I have not gotten to all of the requests yet. I greatly appreciate contributions of information that can be helpful to visitors to this article page. If you have arrived here and you are looking for information about a specific city or state and its programs, please read below or do a search of the page. If you do not find the information you are looking for, feel free to post it as a question in the comments. Together, we can work to fill in the gaps of information about free and low cost programs available around the country. Also, I have put together an ebook which is available through this site when you sign up for the email list. I will include additional resources that we are able to compile in future editions of that book and provide it to all subscribers of the email list when it is available for publication.

Is Google helpful in finding free and low cost programs? How should I do my Google searches?

Generally, if you are searching for help in paying for medication, it is good to type the name of the medication in the search box followed by the words, “patient assistance program”. If such a program exists, it will likely come up near the top of search results. Beware programs that offer to apply for patient assistance on your behalf for a fee. Nearly all patient assistance programs are free to apply to and the applications are usually not difficult to fill in. You should not have to pay to apply for assistance. Another tip is to search and then be very careful in curating the information on sites that come up in your results. For example, I have done searches for free Suboxone programs and found sites that have some good information mixed in with a lot of information that is not useful. One such site promoted rehab programs that are clearly not free mixed in with various funded programs that are legitimate. Still, the site was useful because it was not too hard to differentiate between the costly rehabs and the actual free programs. One site that is very useful is Needy Meds. They also have a specific new database that is just for searching for addiction treatment programs. The link is in the comments below.

Should I join a clinical trial or study to get free study medications?

It is possible to find a study that provides free buprenorphine to treat opioid addiction. In addition to getting free medication, you can also get transportation costs covered, free doctor visits and you may even get paid in addition to these free services! However, these studies are often very stringent in their criteria and many patients will not qualify for the study they want to join. And, additionally, it is possible in many studies that you may be given a placebo instead of a real medication. It may not be worth taking a chance with your recovery to be at the mercy of a research study site that exists primarily for the purpose of fulfilling the strict protocols of the study over your personal wellbeing.

Our program is not a low cost of free program.

While I have made an effort to provide information on this page and some other pages on this site, our small medical program in Fort Lauderdale, FL is neither free or low cost. We provide concierge, personalized treatment to a small number of patients in the South Florida and Greater Miami region. The reason for posting this article and other similar articles regarding free and low cost medication and treatment is that, even though we do not provide these services in our small private clinic, we believe that this information is important and funded programs must be publicized so that everyone will have access to treatment even if they are uninsured and cannot afford treatment. In our area, we have excellent programs, including a medication-assisted treatment program at Memorial Healthcare Systems in South Broward County. To learn more about that program or start the admissions process, call the 24/7 hotline 954-883-7771. Here is an article about that program.