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How to get free buprenorphine meds for opioid dependence

Thank you for visiting. Some of the information discussed below may have changed somewhat in recent months. The Suboxone Here-To-Help program seems to have been quietly discontinued. I heard that they would honor the months left for existing members, but no one new would be signed up. Fortunately, generic films/strips are now available and prices are lower for generic Suboxone in general. Please listen to my podcast and subscribe. It is The Rehab Podcast. The official website for the podcast is You can also find it in your favorite podcast app. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and let me know what you would like to see in future content by sending comments here.

Free Suboxone, Free Subutex, Free Zubsolv, Free buprenorphine?

Free Suboxone, free Subutex, free Zubsolv and free buprenorphine are available for those who qualify. It is important to be aware of patient assistance programs.  For Suboxone has a program called Here To Help.  Also, there is a ZubSolv program.  Subutex, as far as I know, does not have a patient assistance program.  If you are uninsured, you may qualify.  Also, they are for people with low income.

So, how can you apply for Here To Help?

First, you go to the website,  Look for the Here To Help program phone number.  Second, call the number and register for the program.  Third, you will be sent an application to fill out.  Also, you will need to have your doctor sign the application.

What limitations are there for these programs?

Keep in mind, there are patient limits for free suboxone and free Zubsolv.  In the Here To Help program, there is a limit of three patients per doctor.  The Zubsolv program allows for one patient per doctor.  So, if you are planning to join one of these programs, ask your doctor if there are free spaces. If you need help for a short time, ZubSolv has vouchers that cover 15 free tablets each.  They allow each patient to use two vouchers in a lifetime.  If you take up to 16mg daily of buprenorphine, It is possible to get a full month covered.  If you do not qualify for a free program, check the drug maker websites or ask your pharmacist about discount cards.

What about cheap generics?

Unfortunately, the generics are not cheap.  The certainly are not on the Walmart $4 list.  In fact, at best, $4 per tablet may be the best price you will find.  Yes, that is per tablet.  To help out, many pharmacies will allow patients to fill part of the prescription.  When you are ready to buy more, you go back and get what you can afford.  But, make sure you ask your pharmacy if they allow this and if they have limitations.

Will the government help out?

You may have heard in the news, state governments and the US federal government want to help fight opioid addiction.  Hence, they have promised to spend a lot of money on the problem.  So, where is this money going?  If it’s not paying for the doctor visits and its not paying for the medicine, then how are they helping?  It would be great they could help pay for life-saving buprenorphine.  At least, the federal government could resolve the issue with overpriced generic buprenorphine.

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  1. I have no income trying to get disability check need help with med

  2. I have been withdrawalfor days

  3. Cannot find the “Here to help” after clicking?? Has it changed?

    1. The Here To Help program seems to have been quietly discontinued recently. Fortunately, generics have come down in price and there is now a very affordable generic buprenorphine/naloxone film, equivalent to the Suboxone strips.The ZubSolv patient assistance program is still around, though there may be a limitation of what pharmacy you can use now to have your meds delivered. As far as I know, the free 30 tablet vouchers for ZubSolv are still available.

      1. hello my name is cynthia meade and i have a very bad opoid addiction and its getting out of control iam a low income mom and dont no how to get on soboxone…

      2. How do I apply for this?? I have no income, no driver’s license to apply for a job.I have been on suboxone for a year and a half. But I have no doctor,,or money now.I was a heavy opiate user for many, many years. Suboxone saved my life.,because I didn’t have cravings for opiates anymore. I have been successful at keeping jobs for extensive amounts of time,,and my appearance had improved a great deal aswell.Please help someone who is trying desperately to help themselves.Thank you,,!

        1. After the Opioid Crisis Response Act of 2018 was signed last year, we expected to see an unprecedented increase in the number of funded MAT programs. There are currently a handful of such programs around the country where patients can get Suboxone, doctor visits and counseling for free. If you look through the comments on this page, you will see that I have posted links to other articles that list a few of these programs. I am aware of programs in Florida, Mississippi and Connecticut. With some research, possibly using the Needy Meds link listed in another comment on this page, you may find one in your area. At the end of 2018, I interviewed a Washington D.C. lobbyist about the new law that was supposed to provide billions of dollars in funding to Suboxone programs. You can download that interview here: You may be interested in contacting Mr. Coates about what programs are available since he is very much involved in consulting with individual doctors and clinics to help them get compliant and apply for grants under this new law. Another excellent podcast episode which was just released contains an interview with Jamelia Hand MHS CADC CODP, who is the CEO of Vantage Clinical Consulting LLC. We discuss medication assisted treatment and how to get more doctors involved. That episode can be downloaded here: Since the funded programs that I am aware of are started in hospital ERs, it may be worth calling the hospital emergency departments in your area to ask if they provide medication assisted treatment for opioid addiction. You may want to just call it “Suboxone Treatment” to put in terms that the person who answers the phone will more clearly understand. It may be best to start with hospitals that already have government funding, such as community, city, county or state hospitals. For example, where I live, JFK Medical Center in Palm Beach County is a community hospital that has a funded MAT program. The Memorial Healthcare System in Hollywood, FL is in Broward County, Florida and also a program. These two separate funded free Suboxone programs that provide complete care are both here in South Florida and are probably less than an hour’s drive from each other. I believe that with some research, we can identify many more such programs around the country. I would greatly appreciate it if people who do find these programs let me know about them so I can share the information. On my other website for my podcast,, I have a map of the United States of America where each state can be clicked to go to a page for that state. My intention is to fill these pages with information about free Suboxone programs. So far, I have only been able to list a few. Needy Meds is way ahead of me on this and has created a database of at least 1000 addiction treatment programs that are either free, affordable or sliding scale. Unfortunately, the last time I looked, they do not include information on which programs provide MAT. However, a few phone calls to local programs found using their tool would reveal which of these programs do provide free Suboxone treatment.


  5. The VA put me on oxycontin and percoset for 4 yrs then suddenly stopped them. impossible to take off work to go to rehab for withdraw.Had to buy them on street.4 yrs later quit my $55.000 job. Went to VA for 3 months, was put on suboxone,it worked. Accidently found out it took my severe restless leg syndrome away immediately.Trying to help my wife I gave her some of my sub’s came up short on first pee test. Bought them on street for 9 yrs.Now, losing my only supplier. Will be going thru sub withdraw and RLS which is severe, leg moves every 4 seconds till first light. I have no idea how I’m going to deal with this. Cut back from 8mgs to 4 a month ago.
    If it weren’t for having RLS I would quit suboxone asap.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  6. I dont have any insurance I’m a addicted to heroin for 25 year I need help real Bad

  7. You need to go to your nearest error and get off her ion before it takes your life. There are so many clinics and hospitals available to help treat her ion addicts,I’m a nurse plz get yourself help, call 911 now.

  8. Never share your prescription meds with anyone god forbid they have a reaction. You can go to a suboxone dr. He will gladly help you, you gotta be serious and help yourself first.

    1. Hello I have been in a treatment program for 3yrs now being prescribed suboxone film till I just lost my job. I have chronic lower back PAIN and barely had the money to get my last 7 doses from pharmacy.. I can’t find a job if I dont have my suboxone/generic films. I cant come up with 180.00 bucks for dr. visit. Please Help me.. I dont wanna fall backwards. Any advice?? Please.. Hometown is Bessemer Alabama. Thank you.

  9. Mindy go to social services they will help you obtain medication.

  10. As an R.N. my heart goes out to addicts every addict I ever met, after getting clean were some of the kindness people. I strongly believe if a drug addicted person gets excellent psychotherapy along with medications like suboxone and gets in touch with there feelings and core root emotional issues you’d be surprised I’ve seen many ppl in recovery suceed.

  11. Paul go to social services they will help you get your needed medications. I have referred many patients to ss.

    1. Lynne,

      I appreciate your comments. I apologize for not getting them approved and posted sooner. Social services sounds like a great option for Suboxone treatment. Additionally, I have written about various free programs in some areas of the country. Hopefully, there will be more of these in the future and I would greatly appreciate anyone who is aware of a specific free program to post information here. Here are some links:

      Here is an article on my blog website about some programs.:
      This article is posted on this site and gives links and phone numbers for a local Hollywood, FL free program.:
      In this YouTube video, I demonstrate a new tool that Needy Meds is working on to provide information on free addiction treatment programs around the US. Be careful when using it that it doesn’t send you over to the regular Needy Meds site where results for addiction programs will not come up exclusively.:
      Here is the link to the Needy Meds addiction treatment program finder to save time so you don’t have to see what I type in the video. Remember, this is a beta program and will be improved in the future.:

  12. I have been on suboxone strips for years. I am subscribed Suboxone because they work better for all of my pain then pain pills did. All the suboxone doctors in my area charge $250 cash a month or around to write a prescription. They do not accept insurance.This is the first month I have been given a generic drug and I am so afraid that they won’t work as well as the real stuff. Thank God I have medical insurance that pays for my meds because withdrawals are no fun. I don’t know what I would do without my retirement income.

    1. Fortunately, the generics for the Suboxone film seem to be just as good as the brand. I have seen many patients switch from Suboxone SL Films to one of the generic films and they mostly report back that, while there are minor differences, such as taste, they generally work just as well. When patients bring in remaining medication, I have seen the foil packaging for two different generics. Overwhelmingly, the Mylan brand is the most common. Some have been given the Dr. Reddy brand. Patients so far report that both are just as good as the Suboxone brand.

      I would recommend that patients should not be concerned about the new generics for the Suboxone film.

  13. I grew up with my father, a blues musician in mostly rural tx. My mother was/is a nudist hippie aristocrat party animal. I moved to the city at 19, answered a classified foray bassist, got the part, and played in a ska band while I got used to heroin taking over. Eventually I got locked up and got clean. Years later I wake up from a week long coma, having 5 thoracic vertebra with multiple fractures, clavical fracture, cerebral hematoma, and multiple brain contusions after falling 3-4 stories.
    I was in bad shape, but I screamed at the medical staff, demanding that they not give me any opiates. I argued until a nurse convinced me that they had to give me something. Morphine Iv. First use in 7 yrs or so.
    I eventually got scabies or lobsters(crabs×♾) while shooting spoonfuls of heroin, cocaine, and speed all at once about 8× a day. The bugs rode the needle deeper into my skin than they otherwise would have ever gotten. I broke down screaming literal bloody madness hours after the hot water ran out in the unhappy place that had me.
    Thanks to suboxone, I have been able to survive what should have killed me, and surley would have killed any anti-biotic dependent self aggrandizing affluent of our happy species. There was no way I would be alive without it

    1. Damn, that is some mighty fine writing, my brother! Drop me a note. I’d love to do an interview. Peace, HJ

  14. i’ve been on Suboxen for 3 years now and just lost my medicaid due to my son turning 18. My appt is coming up in 2 weeks and im stressing on how im gonna get my meds filled. PLEASE HELP # I NEED RESOURCES

  15. Cynthia, go to a recovery center that prescribes Suboxone and tell them your circumstances, most of the time they will work with you. If your in East Tennessee look up recovery associates of Moshiem, Johnson City. They’re good people. My prayers are with you.

  16. Well im trying to find funding in Knoxville Tenn. For suboxone treatment, I’ve stoped working due to a back injury from a car wreck. I had my spine shattered and a fusion from hip bone to spine..i was 19 almost 20 when a so called friend try evading the police and ran off a big embankment where he thought he was going into a Hayfield, at 1:30am..So im in alot of pain but refuse to get back on pain meds.. I’ve been on subs with gabapinten for 6 or 7 years and now I’m unable to work and fighting for ssi and struggling to get those meds I need that are so exspensive and important for me my pain and addiction..ive look everywhere for help but just round and round on the net , and I don’t read very well so it’s really frustrating ..i just want to give up..if I’m on my meds life normally not so bad…but now without and struggling it makes you want to give up..but I’ve been doing so good and not got into any trouble or wanted to in my life..but now have all this worry and sickness makes me not care and will to do something that will hurt alot of people that care and love me but we are not from money and they can’t help pay here I am again down to my last day worth of meds and allready I’m starting to get so depressed and hopeless …i just wish I could get help paying for my doctor visits and meds, and that would take all that off me so I could focuse on life and not give up..but I don’t think there is one place to go that cost nothing to someone how is willing to change their life and do good…its all tv talk to look like someone cares..but people die and people want to die because they want help and can’t get it do to MONEY… Why is that..if you ask for help and want help you can’t get it because your not rich enough or have good inc.. Come on. This is America and people have the extra money to help someone like me and could watch the life changing affects they could play a part in if they really cared.. Just think..find a person find the treatment and be part of their story and see the life changing things you could do with a little extra cash laying around…i know sounds good on I’m only wishing..but sick im depressed and need help any advice please reply back.. .. And no I’m not a scale of any kind..just need help..thank you

    1. I asked around about programs available in Knoxville, Tennessee, and was told that the Helen Ross McNab Center may be worth looking into.

      Please let me know if this is a good resource so it can be included in the next edition of our free ebook that visitors get when signing up for the email list.

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