A Journey To Healing And Growth In Addiction Recovery

A Journey To Healing And Growth In Addiction Recovery

Starting The Journey

What is the first step to getting better in your journey to recovering? You have found a way to get clean from opiate or opioid dependence and addiction through opioid treatment. Now what? How do you figure out what to do next to make your life better? Are there things to change in your life to make it less likely that you will relapse and use drugs again?

Planning for change.

Sometimes, you know that something big has to change, but you know that it would be crazy to just do it all at once. Hence, you need time, planning, preparation and trusted friends to talk to. Take time to make big changes in your life. But, be aware that big changes may need to be made.

Walking away from it all.

So, why not just walk away from everything all at once? Why not start all over again in a new life? Unfortunately, the problem with this is that you may not know what the problem is. You can walk away from your life, but you can’t walk away from yourself. This doesn’t mean that you are the problem, but you may have a tendency to attract people and situations that are not good for you. By throwing everything away and starting over, you may also find that you are giving up good things in life as well.

Therapy as part of your journey.

In starting a long journey, it is important to have the best possible tools to carry with you. A good start to collect these tools is to go to therapy. A doctor of psychology specializing in addiction therapy can be a good start. Another source of building a framework of recovery tools is to go to recovery fellowship meetings. It is important to get to know yourself better. Also, it is important to learn to love yourself.

Enjoying the journey.

Enjoy your journey to healing and growth. Journaling is an excellent practice to help you to record the process and learn more about yourself. On my podcast, journaling is often discussed by guests as being an important tool. In fact, the guests on the show include filmmakers, authors, bloggers and spiritual leaders. All of them have in common the recommendation that daily writing is essential to personal growth. Please join me on the podcast anytime by searching for, “The Rehab”, in your podcast app. And, please share with me any ideas and tools that you have come up with that help you in your continued success in life and in staying clean.