Life Disorientation, Mindfulness and a Change of Scenery

Life Disorientation, Mindfulness and a Change of Scenery

What is Life Disorientation?

Life disorientation is a phenomenon where you feel lost in your own life. You feel as if you don’t have a purpose. Why are you here? What is the point of it all?

Many people feel this way.

In my work with patients who are recovering from opioid dependence and addiction, I hear about this often. It seems to be an awakening out of the numbing effect of the drugs. Also, drugs had given them an intense purpose for a while. In active addiction, the purpose of life was to get more drugs.

You may be experiencing a spiritual problem.

And, there are things that can help. First, think about how much worse things could be. If your worst problem is feeling lost, without direction, that’s actually not so bad. Second, think about how grateful you are that things are not much worse.  And, think about what is going well for you. It helps at this point to start writing. Keep a journal or a log of your thoughts and feelings. Keep a written daily gratitude list.

Mindfulness may help you.

Being intensely aware of things around you may help. Also, be aware of what you are doing and why you are doing it. Be aware of your own thoughts. This practice is called mindfulness. You will find that in doing this, finding meaning and direction in your life will be easier. You will also find more things to put down on your gratitude list.

Gather with likeminded people.

There are other people looking for purpose and direction in their lives. If you are recovering from opioid addiction, you will benefit from the spiritual meetings of narcotics anonymous and alcoholics anonymous. Service is an important part of these fellowship programs. Helping other people is probably the best way to give your own life meaning and purpose. There are other similar programs as well. For Christians, there is a program of recovery called Celebrate Recovery. Several of my patients have recommended it.

Can a change of scenery help?

By change of scenery, I mean anything from walking out of your room and outside to get some fresh air to moving to a new city to get away from your problems.  First, a simple change can definitely help. If you are lying in bed, anxious about your life and what you should do, getting out of the house can make a difference. You will be surprised how much better you will feel just by walking outside. Be aware of nature around you. Clouds, trees, wind, birds, sounds. Look and listen to what is around you.

Moving far away is not always a good idea.

Moving to a new town or city altogether is usually not a good idea. It should not be done to escape your problems such as addiction issues. Addiction will follow you wherever you go. Drugs are everywhere. You need to face your addiction.

If you are dependent or addicted to opioids such as heroin or pain pills, experiencing life disorientation, and you find yourself in Fort Lauderdale or Broward County, Florida, please call Mark Leeds, D.O., Osteopathic Physician. There is a proven medical solution to help overcome this addiction. Call 954-776-6226 today.