Finding Luxury Rehab Facility in Fort Lauderdale & South Florida

Finding Luxury Rehab Facility in Fort Lauderdale & South Florida

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How do I find a private drug rehab facility in the Greater Miami area? Is there a good luxury rehab in Broward County, Palm Beach County or Miami-Dade county?

If you are looking for addiction treatment in Florida, you may have searched and found some interesting places online. The ads show neatly made beds in rooms that look like hotel rooms. The amenities may include nearby beaches, gym memberships, cable TV and much more. While not exactly Malibu celebrity rehab, these beachside treatment programs can be enticing.

Shouldn’t a rehab center be recovery focused?

If you are trying to detox from opiates or get sober from alcohol, you may believe that luxury rehab is not the way to go. You are worried about your future and how to overcome your drug addiction. What good is a comfortable bed and cable TV if you can’t stay clean? You may have seen serious rehab programs featured in various films and you expect to have counselors, groups, a sponsor, meetings and all of the things that should go along with serious drug rehab. When you are serious about rehab, private rooms and trips to the beach don’t seem so important.

What is the best sort of luxury rehab for opioid addiction?

While there are some incredible luxury rehab centers in South Florida, California and even on the coast of Maine, what does it mean to get the best drug addiction treatment? Well, when it comes to opiate addiction, you will find that the best in luxury rehab centers are actually private doctor’s offices. While the doctor may not have a full gym with free weights, an ice cream bar and cable TV piped into your private room, what you can get is compassionate care from a doctor who sits down with you and listens to you to better understand your individual needs. Then, the doctor develops a treatment plan that usually involves taking treatment medication and going for therapy at your convenience. Incredibly, this sort of private medication-assisted treatment program can be far more successful compared to even the best celebrity rehab.

MAT is state-of-the-art.

So, there is no need to fly to Malibu. There’s no need to find out where Britney Spears went to rehab or to hear who Dr. Drew recommends. The best possible care for your opioid dependence could be a short drive away. It is the ultimate in individualized treatment using evidence-based addiction treatment.

From detox to rehab.

The old style of the five-star luxury rehab was to do a detox plan for a week or two, get you off all drugs and then put you in a month or so of abstinence-based rehab. While some people have found long-term recovery with this sort of therapy, the scientific evidence shows that it does not work as well as a simple MAT plan.

The key is to find the right doctor for MAT.

While there are many doctors now providing MAT, not all of them are the same. It is ideal to see a concierge physician who is fully focused on this form of treatment. When Suboxone treatment is done in a busy clinic as a side business, you may not get the attention and care that you need. Also, I recommend against getting addiction treatment at a pain clinic. The best option is a small private doctor’s office where the doctor knows his or her patients and is not overwhelmed with hundreds of other patients.

luxury that anyone can afford.

If you have been to rehab, you are aware that it is unbelievably expensive. A month of rehab costs more than a car! Yet, you can get the best in addiction treatment for far less than what the rehabs are charging. In fact, even the no-frills, non-luxury rehabs are outrageously expensive. I recommend looking up your local MAT, Suboxone doctor first. It is not as expensive as you may think. And, you will find that life gets much better in just a short time. MAT is treatment that works. Find out if it can work for you.