Narcotic Addicts of the Gold Coast and South Broward

Narcotic Addicts of the Gold Coast and South Broward

Narcotic Addicts of the Gold Coast and South Broward, get help now.

Narcotic Addicts of the Gold Coast and South Broward, do you know what resources are available to you for help? When you are ready to stop hurting yourself, do you know who to call and what to do? It can be confusing. There is conflicting information out there.

By narcotics, in this case, I am specifically talking about opioids and opiates. For example, I mean heroin. Heroin, the deadliest of street drugs, is even more dangerous than ever. The dealers are adding a drug called fentanyl. They even use deadlier forms of fentanyl. These additives can make the heroin super-potent. When you use it, you can stop breathing. You can die.

There are other narcotics. 

First, you have the “mild” ones, such as tramadol, codeine and hydrocodone.  Second, you have the strong ones, including oxycodone, oxymorphone, hydromorphone and morphine.  Third, you have the super dangerous methadone.  Narcotic addicts may use any one or more of these drugs.

Narcotic addicts are people who can’t stop using these drugs. If you are one of the narcotic addicts of the Gold Coast and South Broward area, you are a resident of Broward County who needs help to quit drugs. There are several places to go for help.

You can go to meetings.

There are meetings by a fellowship called Narcotics Anonymous (NA).  NA helps people who are addicted to all drugs, including narcotics. There are also Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) meetings.  AA is another fellowship that is specific for alcohol addiction. Many AA members are happy to welcome you into their group, even if you need help quitting heroin or other drugs.

There is also medical treatment that can help narcotic addicts to quit deadly street drugs.  It is called Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). The most commonly used medication for this is Suboxone.  Also used are Subutex, ZubSolv and buprenorphine. This is life saving treatment for many narcotic addicts. Also, there are free and low cost resources for these medications.

There is controversy over what is the best path to take.

People will tell you that you must not take prescribed medication to treat addiction. This is dangerous advice. They often support their position with anecdotes. They did it without meds.  So did their friends. This isn’t science. It is story telling. Medication Assisted Treatment is life saving for many people. That is science.

So, be careful how you navigate the information and advice out there. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. We are all different. If you would like more information about Medication Assisted Treatment for opioid dependence and addiction, please call 954-776-6226. We are serving the residents of the Gold Coast and South Broward in our Fort Lauderdale office.  Even if you live elsewhere, we can help you to find help where you live.