Powerlessness and the Power to Change

Powerlessness and the Power to Change

Powerlessness is not hopelessness

If you are addicted to drugs, you may know how it feels to want to stop and not be able to stop. You think you are making your own decisions when you justify using drugs just one more time. Just one more and you will quit after that one. Just one good one and that’s it. Tomorrow you will quit. Soon, you realize that you are lying to yourself. Self-control is an illusion. You really cannot quit on your own.

Everyone has an opinion

There are as many opinions as there are people. It is well accepted that addiction is a disease. This is not an opinion, it is a scientific fact based on medical evidence. There are well-studied forms of addiction that are focused on specific drugs. For example, a particularly deadly form of addiction is opioid use disorder.

You do have the power to change

The concept of powerlessness can be confusing. You already know that you cannot stop without help. But, you can ask for help. If you are addicted to opioids or opiates, you can see a doctor about it. There is evidence-based medical treatment available. Treatment can break the cycle and give you a chance to get back to normal life.

There is hope

The feeling of hopelessness is just that. It is just a feeling. You can change everything by making a decision and taking action. This does not mean that you have to take on your addiction head on all by yourself. What you can do is ask for help and take a step in the right direction.

The only shame is in not asking for help.

Don’t be ashamed. Addiction is a chronic illness, just like any other chronic illness. You wouldn’t be ashamed of getting your cholesterol checked. All you need to do is look up a doctor in your area who treats addiction and make an appointment. It is that easy.