Success Quotes Are A Waste Of Your Time

Success Quotes Are A Waste Of Your Time

Inspirational and motivational quotes to help you overcome tough times and succeed do not work at all.

You probably see quotes about inspiration all the time. Especially if you enjoy using social media. If you follow the right accounts, your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feed will be a never-ending stream of motivational and inspirational quotes. It can be a good feeling to see the words of great minds in history. Quotes can inspire you. They give you a sense of hope. As you read through them, your motivation to find success in life is reinforced. Yet, looking back, has a single quote ever really done anything to make your life better?

Addiction recovery quotes will not keep you clean and sober.

The quotes that are presented as recovery quotes are often similar to the quotes categorized as motivational. If you follow social media accounts for addiction recovery and for business motivational quotes, you will find that, not only are they similar, they are often the same quotes. From Einstein to Steve Jobs to Helen Keller, the words of encouragement sound great. In fact, there are some great quotes out there by Einstein that were never actually spoken or written by Einstein himself. If you consider yourself to be an addict in recovery and sobriety or just a person who is now clean and sober, has there ever been a quote that helped you get through a tough time? Did a sentence or two keep you clean and sober?

Why are inspirational words such a waste of your time?

Whether the challenge in your life is overcoming addiction, or finding success in business or in your personal life, getting through the hard times and finding success will not come from a recovery quote or motivational quote. Even a hundred quotes or a thousand will not do it. What will help you to overcome a challenge in your life is to ask for help from trusted loved-ones and experts. Then, you will assess where you are now, how far you have come, and where you need to be. You will formulate a plan and then get to work on taking steps towards your goal. Even small steps will help you to move in the right direction. While quotes can make you feel good for a few seconds or minutes, they don’t contribute anything meaningful to your efforts. In fact, you may find yourself using up valuable time that could be used for more productive activity. Reading those endless streams of quotes meant to motivate can leave you with a feeling that you just wasted a lot of time on empty activity.

Drug addiction recovery takes more than a few short words of encouragement.

Reading a “Chinese Proverb”, “Jewish Proverb”, or a short quote by Dr. Seuss or Joel Osteen will not help you to overcome¬†opioid addiction. It will do little, if anything, positive in moving you along your recovery journey. Inspirational quotes are like the sugar of literature. A little sugar in your diet can make you feel good for a short time, but it provides no substance or meaningful nutrition.

A balanced diet of learning and action.

Cutting out the “sugar” from your diet can make room for better nutrition in your diet of success in life. Reading is an important part of reaching a goal. Yet, your reading should be carefully directed to studying information that supports your achieving your goal. Experts can recommend books, websites, and other literature and media. And don’t forget, taking action is of the utmost importance. If you are experiencing tough times due to addiction or any other reason and your goal is to move towards a new life with long-term fulfillment, you must take action. Inspiring quotes can only do so much to help. While reading a few quotes occasionally by Albert Einstein or Eleanor Roosevelt, or other classic quote sources, can’t hurt, it should be a small part of your overall plan to reach your goal.

Can quotes do anything to motivate me to reach my dream?

Where it may help you to find inspiration in quotes is to read them just before or when you are taking useful action. For example, if you are working to overcome addiction, and you are going to your first doctor visit to get help, or you are checking into rehab, it can be hard to stay on track and do what you know is the right thing to do. When you are in a situation where relapse may be imminent and you need to get through a tough situation by taking action that takes you away from the relapse, quotes may help. If quotes are like the sugar in your success diet, they can help by providing energy when you need it. When you must pick up the phone and make a difficult call to ask for help, looking first at a few good quotes may give you the strength and courage to make the call. They can help you to overcome fear at that moment.

Quotes do have their place.

So, while it is not a good idea to sit around scrolling through quotes all day long, used in the right way at the right time, that special set of quotes that help you to feel strong can be useful. It may even be a good idea to keep a collection of your favorite quotes somewhere where you can get to them at any time. Rather than depending on a random set of quotes from the social media streams, you will be prepared at all times to pull out the quotes that you know will give you the motivation and inspiration that you really need.