Why you should keep Suboxone doctor appointments

Why you should keep Suboxone doctor appointments

Why is it bad to miss Suboxone doctor appointments?

Why do I have to go back to see the doctor again?

Suboxone doctor appointments. No one wants to see a doctor if they can avoid it. When everything seems fine, you want to live your life.  You have a lot to do during each day. Going back to the doctor takes time and is not very fun.  It might even seem like a waste of time.

Going back to the doctor is important

If you are seeing a doctor to get Suboxone treatment prescribed, you need to go to your appointments. If the doctor asks you to come back in one day, three days, one week or one month, you should follow this direction. You should come back when you are asked to come back.

Why does the doctor want to see me so often?

The doctor is trying to help you to get better. When you were using drugs out on the street, you were acting like your own doctor and your own pharmacist. If you want to get clean from drugs, it is important that you stop doing this. The drugs have programmed your brain to cause you harm. You cannot trust your own thoughts when it comes to treating your addiction. Your doctor is following a plan to give you the best chance to get off of drugs.  If the doctor says to come back in a week, please go back in a week.  If your doctor schedules your appointment for one month, please show up. If you start making up your own program, you are setting yourself up to fail and end up on drugs again. Initially, the process of opioid detox and transition to suboxone treatment may require more frequent visits.

The doctor gave me Suboxone 8/2mg films twice daily. I feel fine with only once daily. He wants to see me in one month.  Can I just wait two months since I can stretch my medication twice as long?

This is not a good idea. The doctor is following strict guidelines. Patients need to be seen at least once each month. If you are able to feel fine with less medication, the doctor can prescribe less or a lower dose. Remember, you are getting away from the street drug thinking. You should not hoard drugs or share drugs.  You should not stretch your treatment medication to last longer than it is supposed to. While it may seem to make sense economically, this is a different situation.  If I drink less milk, my milk carton lasts longer. I save a little money by buying milk less often.  In the case of addiction treatment medications, when you do not follow the program, your medication turns into a drug. You are becoming your own doctor and pharmacist again. It is a step in the wrong direction.

I don’t like paying for doctor visits and I don’t like to waste my time.

Did you complain about paying your drug dealer? Was it a waste of time going out at all hours of the night to buy drugs? Was it a waste of time calling in sick to work? Was it a waste of your time locking yourself in the bathroom while your kids banged on the door because they were hungry? Think about what you did to survive while you took drugs.

It is time to change your life for the better.

You are changing your life now. You are saving your life so you can enjoy living and have success and happiness. Many have followed this path and found peace and a long, fulfilling life in taking care of themselves, their families and others in need. You can make the world a better place, starting now.

If you live in South Florida,  don’t forget to keep Suboxone doctor appointments in Fort Lauderdale. If you are interested in getting clean and getting started, call Dr. Leeds at 954-776-6226.