The Therapeutic Art Of Holistic SEO In Addiction Recovery

The Therapeutic Art Of Holistic SEO In Addiction Recovery

SEO therapy is a new form of artistic expression to meet the therapeutic needs of recovering entrepreneurs.

Interestingly, a significant number of my patients presenting for addiction treatment are entrepreneurs. In some cases, they have already founded one or more businesses. In others, they have had successful careers and are now moving forward with plans to start a new business.

For years, addiction experts have recommended art therapy and music therapy as components of treatment in early recovery. Many rehabs offer art therapy and music therapy programs.

The visual and audio arts are excellent for many people to engage them on an intellectual, emotional, and spiritual level. The act of creation in these areas is more than simply a distraction. There is a unique sense of accomplishment that comes with creating a work of art.

Holistic SEO is an ideal form of creative expression for the entrepreneur in recovery.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a science and an art. SEO is what is done to a website to make the web pages come up in Google search when a person searches for specific words or phrases. The goal is to not only rank for keywords, but to rank high. Appearing on the first page is ideal, and in first position is even better.

But, isn’t SEO a marketing tactic employed by online digital marketers? How can SEO therapy help as a component of addiction treatment? While SEO can seem mundane to many people, it is a fascinating puzzle that is intriguing to the minds of awakening creative geniuses.

Genius is often discovered during the recovery process.

Why do people become addicted to drugs? What kind of people are at risk for getting stuck in drug addiction? While there are various answers to these questions, in my experience, a surprising number of people addicted to opioids and other drugs are highly intelligent and creative people. Many of these people also tend to be driven to achieve success, once they are free from the restraints of addiction.

It is a well known fact that entrepreneurs are often at risk for addiction. In addition to intelligence and creative ability, they are usually also risk takers. Taking risks is an important part of being a successful entrepreneur. It is also a risk factor for becoming addicted.

Holistic SEO and SEO therapy appeals to the entrepreneur in recovery.

While many people in recovery find the act of sitting in front of a blank canvas with paint brush and palette to be therapeutic, the entrepreneur in recovery may find art therapy frustrating and boring. Ideally, we should be serving our patients with therapies that address their individual needs.

When someone who is experienced in, or interested in, building businesses, the concept of content marketing and SEO is very appealing. The science is in studying the numbers, seeing where various keywords measure up in search volume and competitiveness. The art comes in with how to blend keyword phrases into well-written text to create carefully crafted marketing content that will appeal both to a search engine and to a human reader.

Suboxone and naltrexone patients in recovery are interested in the topic of holistic SEO therapy.

I have seen many patients recovering from opioid addiction and alcohol addiction who do very well in recovery in a short period of time. After they put the drugs and alcohol aside, they are ready to move forward with new projects in life.

They enjoy getting caught up in achieving productive, positive accomplishments to make up for lost time. Creative accomplishments provide deep satisfaction and fulfillment.

Holistic SEO Therapy is a concept whose time has come.

The topic of SEO and content creation and how to express new and interesting information in a way that will appeal to both artificial intelligence and real human intelligence is a subject that I love to study and practice. For me, it is an evolution of my interests in software engineering and music composition, which were strong interests earlier in life.

I have had some incredible discussions on the topic of search engine marketing with my patients. They find it to be as fascinating as I do. These patients find it especially compelling that it is possible to write articles or blog posts that consistently perform well on Google.

Additionally, they look forward to the challenge of learning to blend carefully researched and selected keywords into a body of text in such a way that the text is readable, engaging, and informative. They love both the art and the science of practicing SEO therapy. And, for the entrepreneurs, they love that mastering SEO and content marketing can help to build their businesses and reach their ideal customers online.

If you are interested in learning more about SEO Therapy and Content Marketing Therapy, please send me a message on the contact page. I currently offer one-on-one SEO therapy, and I am working on a new online course on the subject. Contact me today if you are interested in the possibilities of holistic SEO therapy and how it can change your life.