Never give up on yourself

Never give up on yourself

You can quit drugs.  Never give up on yourself.

We all give up on things at one time or another. 

You should never give up on yourself.  We might be working on a project that seems overwhelming.  We lose track of it.  The daily details of surviving and getting through the day cause us to push things to the back burner.

You may have been working on a book. 

Maybe it’s a work of fiction: romance, mystery, fantasy.  Or it could be an autobiography or a memoir.  You could have an idea for an invention or an idea for a new business.  You know that you could make something great if you could just get to work and get it finished.

It could be that you have fallen into bad habits. 

You have given into an unhealthy addiction.  Possibly, you are overeating, smoking or taking drugs.  It’s easy to give in and take the path of least resistance.  You go to bed determined to do better in the morning.  You decide to make a fresh start.

However, when you wake up in the morning, you decide to have just one more big breakfast, one more cigarette, one more drug run.  Typically, you will then realize that it is another day lost.  Tomorrow is another chance to try again.  This can go on for many days, months and years.  It is not uncommon to put off doing the right thing one day at a time for many, many years.

If the thing you are putting off is quitting drugs, you are in a particularly dangerous situation. 

Especially if your drug of choice is an opioid.  Opioid drugs include heroin and pain pills.  If you are addicted to drugs, it can be especially hard to quit.  It seems like you can do it, but each day, you put off quitting for one more day.  But, opioids are deadly.  Each day you put off quitting, you are risking your life.  No one plans to die of an accidental overdose.  That’s why they call it an accident.

The best way to stop taking drugs is to ask for help. 

You can start by asking your doctor.  Drug addiction is a medical condition.  You wouldn’t try to get better on your own from a heart attack.  Opioid drug addiction is as serious as a heart attack.  Take action today to save your own life.  Make an appointment to talk to your doctor.

If you do not have a doctor to talk to, you are welcome to call me, Mark Leeds, D.O., at 954-776-6226.  I am an osteopathic physician in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and I have focused my practice on helping people to quit taking opioid drugs using tools such as Suboxone.

If you are addicted to drugs, you were probably predisposed to addiction from an early age. 

People who are highly intelligent and creative have a higher risk of falling into drug addiction.  Very likely, you have had ideas and plans for things like writing books, creating new inventions and starting new businesses.  These plans were put aside long ago, but it’s not too late to get back on track.

Get help now and get off of drugs. 

With help from a certified opioid dependence treating doctor, you can quickly get back to the creative and productive activities you love and doing what makes you happy.  It may seem hopeless now, but it’s not.  Give yourself a chance and call your doctor today to see how you can get help to get off of drugs.  In the past 15 years, new treatments for drug addiction have been tested and approved and are available to you now.  You just need to call your doctor today to find out what medical treatment is right for you.  Never give up on yourself.