Finding Meetings Is Easy. 12-Step Meetings Help You Quit Drugs.

Finding Meetings Is Easy. 12-Step Meetings Help You Quit Drugs.

Finding a Narcotics Anonymous Meeting in Fort Lauderdale and North Broward County

Finding Meetings: It’s Easy!

Finding meetings in your area is not too difficult. I made this video as a demonstration of how easy it is to find a 12-step meeting. While this demo is specific to the local area around my office, it should work anywhere. You just need to use Google to find the website for your area.  Also, other fellowships have their own websites.  I used Narcotics Anonymous in North Broward County as an example. However, other groups and areas should have similar sites.

What if I am too busy to go to a meeting?

No one is that busy! There are a lot of meetings throughout the day. If you really want to go, you will find one that works for you. While it is recommended to go every day, at least start by going a few times per week. They have meetings on the weekend. Also, there are usually activities in addition to meetings. If you go to a meeting, listen carefully to announcements about events. These events, such as sports, picnics, dinners and others, are great ways to meet new friends.  You can meet new friends who don’t take drugs.

I went to a meeting once and there was no one there.

I am very sorry that you had this bad experience. Unfortunately, sometimes meetings change locations or times. There are many reasons for this. You want to avoid showing up to a meeting that is no longer there, if possible. Calling the hotline number is the best way to be certain. You will speak to a live and local recovering person who has the latest information available. For this area, for NA, the number to call is: (888) 524-1777.

The people here are not like me, I want to leave before the meeting gets started.

Don’t leave. Please stay and listen. You will very likely find that the people at the meeting are very much like you. Give it a chance and stay until the end. Addiction can play tricks on your mind and try to convince you to leave early.

I hope that the video and discussion here help you in finding meetings.  There are also recovery meetings that are not specifically 12-step that can help you to quit drugs. For more information on drug addiction and quitting drugs, call 954-776-6226.