Your addiction is not your fault

Your addiction is not your fault

Your addiction is not your fault

It is not your fault.

Your addiction is not your fault. addiction is caused by a combination of factors.  It is partly genetic.  If you are addicted to drugs, you were born already at risk.  This birth right was passed down to you from your parents and grandparents.

Your early upbringing is also to blame.

When you are a young child, the way you are treated by your parents, siblings and others contributes to your personality.  The blend of upbringing and genes put you at risk for traveling a path that leads to brain altering addiction.

Why do some people never try drugs? 

Drugs do not appeal to some people. They simply have no interest in trying them in the first place.

How do some people try drugs and then quit?

Not everyone who takes drugs gets addicted. Drugs are not always a pleasant experience. People who are not predisposed to addiction will easily stop taking drugs.  They may even use drugs occasionally without cravings to keep using.

Do not give up hope.

If you have found that you are addicted to opioids and you cannot stop no matter what you try, don’t give up hope.  You are not responsible for what has happened to you.  Events of your birth and childhood have put you at risk.  It’s possible that you never had a chance to avoid what has happened to you.

You can stop taking drugs.

Do not give up hope.  You can quit drugs.  While you are not responsible for your addiction, you are responsible for taking the next step to quit drugs and save your life.

You can get help.

Suboxone treatment in Fort Lauderdale can help.  If you live in Fort Lauderdale or the surrounding areas, please call Dr. Leeds.  Suboxone is a prescription medication that makes it possible to quit opioids such as heroin and pain medication and stay off of them for good.

You must never give up on yourself. 

Stop blaming yourself for what has happened and make the call to get help so you can get better. Call 954-776-6226 today for more information.