How can my doctor help me to quit taking drugs with buprenorphine treatment?

If you take opioid drugs such as heroin or pain medicine and you want to quit, consider buprenorphine treatment.  

How can a doctor help me to quit taking drugs with buprenorphine treatment? There is a medication called Suboxone, also known as buprenorphine, that can help you quit.  Doctors can prescribe buprenorphine to their patients who have a problem with addiction to heroin or pain medicine.

Suboxone will help you to quit drugs by stopping the sick feeling of withdrawing from quitting drugs.  It will also stop cravings for drugs.  Taking Suboxone every day will help you to live a normal life.

Taking Suboxone is not like taking drugs.  Suboxone does not get you high.  You get a prescription and you get the Suboxone prescription filled at your pharmacy.  If you follow the directions and you do not take drugs, you will be clean from all drugs.

12 step recovery meetings are great and will help you to stay clean.  Let your friends in recovery know that you are clean from drugs.  Your medical treatment is private information between you and your doctor.  You do not go to 12 step meetings for medical care.  However, group meetings and private therapy are important to help you stay clean while taking Suboxone.

Is it possible to quit drugs such as heroin and pain medicine without taking Suboxone?

Yes, it is possible to quit drugs and stay clean from drugs without taking Suboxone.  Rehab programs and 12 step recovery meetings will help you to stay clean if you choose not to take Suboxone.  This is a personal choice.

Doctors have many years of experience in treating addiction and studying different methods of treatment with and without Suboxone.  The risk of relapse is much higher without Suboxone.

Relapse means that after you quit drugs, you go back to using drugs again.  With drugs such as heroin and pain medicine, relapse is often deadly.  Taking Suboxone, or buprenorphine, combined with therapy, is the safest way to prevent deadly relapse.  Keeping your doctor appointments is very important.

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