Is Zubsolv Generic For Suboxone?

What is Zubsolv?

Zubsolv is a prescription drug with the same ingredients as Suboxone. It is used to help people quit dangerous drugs such as heroin and pain pills.  This medication is part of a treatment plan for opioid dependence and addiction.  It is taken just like the Suboxone films.  You place it under the tongue and allowed to fully dissolve.

How is it different from Suboxone?

Zubsolv is different from Suboxone in two ways.  First, it is a tablet, not a film or strip like Suboxone.  Second, it comes in different strengths than Suboxone. While the number of milligrams is slightly less, it has a higher bioavailability.  This means that more of the medicine gets into your system while under your tongue.  Therefore, the Zubsolv 5.7mg/1.4mg tablet is equivalent in strength to the Suboxone 8mg/2mg film.

Is Zubsolv a generic version of Suboxone?

No, not at all. Zubsolv is not a generic medication. It is a new and high tech formulation. The tablets absorb very quickly. Typically, they absorb in under three minutes. This means less waiting around with your mouth closed. It may not seem like a big deal, but waiting for ten minutes for a generic tablet to dissolve can be tedious.

Why would I want to take Zubsolv instead of Suboxone?

Generally, there is no big reason to take one over the other.  They both work well to help people stay clean and live a better life without the sickness and danger of opioid use.  However, some people complain of an aftertaste from the Suboxone film. Zubsolv may be preferable because it tends to not have an aftertaste. Some insurance companies prefer Zubsolv over Suboxone. As of this writing, I have been told that United Healthcare prefers it. Also, Orexo, the manufacturer, has made available a discount program allowing a patient to get up to 15 free tablets with a prescription. You can use up to two vouchers for a total of 30 free tablets.

Which brand should I ask for?

I recommend that you do not request a particular brand of medication from your doctor. Let your doctor know about your concerns and your history of taking medication in the past.  Let your doctor make an informed decision based on this information.


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  1. Thanks for all this info. I was on Zubsolv full dose 8.6 x 2 tablets daily. Worked very well too well. I have been weaning off for 6 months going really slow and I am on 1.07 approximately 1 time a day. I’m almost psychotic some days no matter how fast or slow I try to wean my body yearns for more. This drug in my opinion is worse than opiates. I’d rather be really sick for 2 weeks and then slowly get better than even on less than a milligram a day for over 30 days my body won’t accept it. If my doc raises me up to one pill instead of 1 eight of a pill it’s like all is perfect. I don’t know what to do. You can’t stop. I follow directions to the tee. I not sneaking xtra and truly don’t get high from Zubsolv which is fantastic. I even forget to take it most of the time except for the psyco effect! It’s worse drugs and leads to P.A.W.S (post acute withdrawal syndrome) . This drug is HELL in a bottle. I wish I never started.

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