What is ZubSolv and what makes it better than other opioid addiction treatments?

If you are familiar with buprenorphine-treatment with Suboxone, then you will easily understand what ZubSolv is and how this sublingual tablet works. In fact, ZubSolv is very similar to Suboxone. To start, they both have the same active ingredients, buprenorphine and naloxone. Yet, there are differences between Suboxone and ZubSolv. Continue reading “ZubSolv: Is this medication the future of medication-assisted treatment of opioid addiction?”

What does it mean to be dope sick when you use heroin?

Dope sick simply means that you are going into withdrawal after you run out of heroin, or whatever opiate or opioid you are using. For people whom have never been addicted to heroin or have had a painkiller addiction, it seems like the solution is easy. Just get through it! It will soon be over and you will be free of this dependence. If you are now or have ever been dependent on an opioid, I apologize for even writing the last three sentences. Opioid withdrawal is so unpleasant, that it is offensive to hear people tell you that you can just wait it out until it is over. Continue reading “I am dope sick. Help! How long will the withdrawal last?”
In recent years, there seems to have been a new trend that is (hopefully) here to stay: paying attention to how we feel. Throughout history, mental and emotional health has always taken a back seat in comparison to physical health. When our bodies are sick or injured, we usually don’t hesitate to go to the hospital to get the help we need. But when we’re feeling mentally sick or emotionally injured, we don’t usually consider getting professional help—until now, that is. At last, people are finally realizing that their mental and emotional health needs as much care, attention, and maintenance as their physical health does. Continue reading “Tips to Practicing Better Emotional Hygiene”