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Why is this powerful killer causing so many tragic deaths?

What is the difference between Black Tar and China White?

There are so many slang names for street opioids, it is hard to keep it all straight. There is an impure street product known as homebake or black tar heroin. This is a morphine-derived heroin-related substance that is available on the streets in parts of the world. As the names would suggest, black tar differs significantly in appearance from China White. China white is a white powder that is a mix of a fentanyl analog and heroin. It is a potent opioid that can lead a user to overdose and death. Abuse of heroin on the streets today puts the user at hight risk for coming in contact with China White.

What is the drug China White? What type of drug?

Many people believe that fentanyl mixed with heroin is a new problem. In fact, it has been a reoccurring problem for the past five decades. Synthetic drugs and designer drugs have been an issue since the sixties. Creative chemists have created many variations on fentanyl and other drugs. Because of the potency of fentanyl, it is a popular add-on to white powder heroin. Drug dealers are able to please their customers with a super-potent drug that will get them high, but can also cause a deadly overdose. Unbelievably, an overdose death can make a street brand of heroin more attractive to users.

From China by mail.

Fentanyl has been found in many shipments from China, traveling by the US Postal Service. The media has described the opioid epidemic as being a new phenomenon related somehow to the overprescribing of opioids by doctors. Yet, the reality is that what we are seeing has happened before. Synthetic fentanyl analogs are manufactured or imported to the US and find their way into the heroin supply. Sometimes, users unknowingly are buying pure fentanyl, packaged as a heroin-like powder, with no idea that they are not getting heroin at all.

Chinawhite is a serious drug of abuse.

While heroin itself is a dangerous substance, being four times the potency of morphine, when fentanyl is thrown into the mix, the resulting white heroin and fentanyl mix can be up to 80 to 100 times the potency of morphine. In fact, it can be even more potent with toxic fentanyl analogs such as carfentanil. With heroin use on the rise in recent years, heroin users must be educated on the dangers of this new variety of China White.

Harm reduction can make a difference.

There are many treatment options available when a heroin user is ready to get help. Unfortunately, it is hard to get a heroin addict to get help if they are not yet ready. If you cannot get a loved one to quit using heroin or China White heroin, the best thing to do is to help them to find resources of harm reduction. For example, you may want to have Narcan on hand. Narcan can reverse a deadly overdose. Also, fentanyl test strips can help a heroin addict to identify if their heroin has been contaminated with fentanyl. This may help them to make a decision to not use it since the risk of death is so high when fentanyl is present. Clean needle and syringe programs are also helpful to prevent the spread of disease and deadly infections that can happen when heroin addicts inject the drug.

Knowing the street names and drug names.

The name “China White” has been around for a long time. It is not necessarily related to the fact that US drug dealers are importing fentanyl from China. It is important to be aware of drug names and what they mean. The more we all know about opiate addiction and what we can do about it, the more lives that will be saved from these dangerous drugs.

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