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Failed Brakes

What do you when your car has failed brakes and you live on a hill? 

Failed brakes on your car?  What do you do?  That is a good question.  What happens if you get in the car and go for a drive?  What will happen if you drive that car down the hill?

If you live on a hill and you have a car with no brakes, you have probably already found out the hard way.  You already got into that car once and went for a drive.  You got on the road, held the steering wheel and drove on the road, down the hill.

Why did you do it?

That first time you drove your car down the hill, you didn’t know the brakes were out.  The car used to have good brakes.  Something happened to them.  Maybe they wore out and finally failed.  Possibly, they were always defective from the factory.  But, that first time was not your fault.  You didn’t know that you had no brakes.

As your car sped up, faster and faster, going down the hill, you pressed on the brake pedal.  You then realized that nothing was happening.  The car kept going faster and faster.  It was not slowing down.  The brakes were broken.  So, how did you survive that drive of terror, when you first found out your car had no more brakes?

How do you stop a car with no brakes?

The answer is, you don’t.  You can try to steer away from things like trees, buildings and people.  In the end, the only thing that is going to stop your car is something in front of you.  It is not going to be pleasant.  At best, you are going to cause property damage, some injury to yourself and a lot of embarrassment.  At worst, you may kill yourself.  You may kill other people.

Fortunately, you survived your first ride.

Since you are now back on your hill with your car with failed brakes, we can assume you survived that first near-death experience.  Your car didn’t kill you.  Hopefully it didn’t kill anyone else.  And, hopefully, the damage overall was not too bad.  You had to pay for it.  All of it.  You had to apologize for the damages.

So, you are in your house on the hill, looking out at that beautiful car in the driveway.  You already know it has no brakes.  As much as you want to get in and go for a drive down the hill, you know what is going to happen this time.  The first moments will be a lot of fun.  Then, it is always going to end the same.  You cannot stop until something or someone stops you.  It is not possible to stop a car with no brakes from inside the car.

This is a story about addiction

Becoming addicted to drugs is like losing your brakes.  When you take drugs, you will be taking another deadly drive down the hill.  The first time, it was not your fault.  You didn’t know.  Now that you are clean and safe again, you know what happens next.  So, If you have failed brakes, don’t get back in the car.

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