Hang up the phone on Dr. Leeds?

Hang up the phone on Dr. Leeds?

Did you just hang up on me?

Hang up the phone on Dr. Leeds? Don’t worry, I’m not upset. I get it all the time. My name is Mark Leeds, D.O., Osteopathic Physician. The focus of my work is on treating opioid dependence and addiction. That is, addiction to heroin or pain pills.

People searching for help find me all the time.

I have been doing this work for many years. I write many articles on the topic of addiction, recovery and treatment on my blog. Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines often direct people to my website when they are looking for help.

Addiction makes it hard to ask for help.

It stops you from asking for help. It tells you that you can get high one more time and ask for help later. That is how addiction kills. That is how addiction causes permanent disease and disability. Most people who die of an overdose were planning to ask for help after getting high just one more time.

Please call again.

I will answer the phone and talk to you. You can come in for an appointment. If you get the voicemail, please leave a message. Don’t be paranoid. Your privacy is protected. I, Dr. Leeds, am the only person who listens to my voicemail. That is one of the benefits of calling a doctor who works in a micropractice.

So, leave a message if you get the voicemail.

If I do answer the phone, please don’t hang up on me this time. It’s OK. You just want more information. You want to find out how to quit the drugs and stay alive. And, you want to stop feeling sick.

If you are not comfortable calling me back, please call someone for help.

You can call AA or Alcoholics Anonymous, NA or Narcotics Anonymous. You can try another doctor. I don’t mind at all. I just want for you to get the help you need.

You can survive addiction and live.

The main form of treatment I use for opioid addiction is the use of a medication called buprenorphine.  It is the ingredient in Suboxone, Subutex and Zubsolv.  This medicine combined with therapy works. It saves lives.

If you forgot that you tried to call me and you need my information again, here it is.  I am Mark Leeds, D.O., Osteopathic Physician. My phone number is 954-776-6226.  Call me.