Free Suboxone Treatment: An Interview With Lobbyist Bob Coates

Free Suboxone Treatment: An Interview With Lobbyist Bob Coates

The Opioid Crisis Response Act of 2018

With this new law, there may finally be light at the end of the tunnel. Free Suboxone treatment has not been available so far, with only a few exceptions. Now, there will soon be funding for many more accessible programs.

Free Suboxone Treatment means recovery for everyone.

It has been far too long. Many people have died from opioid addiction. In fact, deadly overdoses continue every day. Suboxone, and similar medications, work well. The problem is the cost of treatment and medicine. With funding from the government, clinics can now help many more people with opiate and opioid addiction.

How clinics can get involved to help more people.

To be a part of the funding that will come with the new law, you must apply for a grant. If you are a doctor or a clinic owner, you will have to know how to apply for a grant and how to run a compliant program. While this is not easy, there is help. In the latest episode of The Rehab Podcast, I interview Washington D.C. lobbyist, Bob Coates, an expert in healthcare compliance and writing grant applications.

If you are a clinic owner, here is your next step to help more patients.

Please listen to episode 16 of my podcast. In this show, you will hear me interview Mr. Coates. We discuss many issues surrounding Medication Assisted Treatment and the new law. Fortunately, with help from an expert, it is possible to get funding and build a better addiction treatment program.

So, how can patients get free Suboxone treatment?

While Suboxone is not free, with proper funding, patients who are uninsured can get Suboxone, doctor visits and psychotherapy at no cost. For these patients who cannot afford treatment, free Suboxone treatment can be a lifesaver. So, please listen to this episode and, if you are interested in learning more, please contact Mr. Coates.