Podcast Sponsors for The Rehab Podcast

Podcast Sponsors for The Rehab Podcast

We are looking for qualified podcast sponsors

In 2018, I started a podcast called, “The Rehab”. The topic is generally medical addiction treatment, though I have explored a wide variety of topics related to addiction recovery. So far, I have had an incredible response to the show. My patients are listening and listeners from around the world are discovering it online.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is like a radio show. The big difference is that you listen over the internet instead of over the airwaves. In the case of my podcast, it is only audio without video. It is also pre-recorded. While there are live podcasts and video podcasts, many are pre-recorded and audio-only. This allows for some minor editing and sound processing to give the listener the best possible experience. Also, unlike a radio show, you can listen to any episode of my podcast at any time.

What are podcast sponsors and why do we need them?

Podcast sponsors are like radio advertisers and movie producers. Being a sponsor gives you the opportunity to have the podcast aligned with your brand. The podcast endorses your product or service. Being a sponsor also allows you to have some input into how the show is produced. Depending on the sponsorship agreement, you may be able to choose guests or topics for certain shows.

Can anyone sponsor The Rehab Podcast?

Unfortunately, sponsorship is not simply advertising. Traditional advertising does not imply an endorsement. The podcast’s audience places trust in the program and its host. Therefore, we at The Rehab Podcast select our podcast sponsors very carefully. Our values must be aligned with our sponsors.

How can your business become a sponsor of the podcast?

To become a sponsor, all you need to do is contact us through this website. Give your name, email address, phone number and detailed information about your business and what your goals are for being one of our podcast sponsors. The final decision will also involve the Mental Health News Radio Network which is the network that distributes the program.