Suboxone Dr Helping to Manage the Final Jump Off

Suboxone Dr Helping to Manage the Final Jump Off

What does it mean to “Jump Off”?

You are an individual. Hence, if you take Suboxone and you choose to stop, it is your decision. Yet, the Suboxone Dr, the physician who prescribes and manages your Suboxone treatment, should advise you appropriately. Going from the last dose of Suboxone to no Suboxone is sometimes called the “jump off”.

Why is the jump off such a big deal?

When it comes to taking that final dose, it is rarely easy. No matter how low your final dose, you will likely go through a period of physical sickness and mental and emotional anguish. This is normal. So, what is the best way to prepare? How can a Suboxone Dr help you prepare?

First, build a powerful support network.

Your support network is your key to success. Your network is essentially a phone list. Furthermore, this list contains the names and phone numbers of recovering friends whom you can safely call and confide in when you are going through difficult times. So, the best way to build and maintain this network is to make frequent calls when things are going well for you. As they say in recovery, “get numbers and dial them, don’t file them.”

How do you find people to add to your support network?

A great place to find serious, recovering addicts is at Narcotics Anonymous meetings. While NA has taken a position against Suboxone, they still welcome you to sit in on meetings. And, you are free to speak to group members before and after the meeting. Here is an excellent place to get numbers and make some great new friends.

For best results, prepare to work a full program of recovery.

The day you do not take a dose of Suboxone prescribed by your Suboxone Dr., you are considered clean and abstinent by the standards of NA. Of course, I assume that you are taking no other drugs or alcohol. On that day, prepare to fully work the program of recovery. Hence, you will need a sponsor and you will want to work the 12 steps.

Can my Suboxone Dr. help with the physical sickness?

In fact, your doctor can prescribe some basic medications to make the transition and sickness more tolerable. You will still have some discomfort and difficulty sleeping for at least a few days, but you will find that the support of your network and your recovery program will get you through. In no time, you are going to be feeling great, past the withdrawal sickness.

Is this the only way to get clean?

No! Of course this is not the only way. As I said in the beginning, you are an individual. There are many paths to recovery. Some people will do best staying on medication, such as Suboxone, for a very long period of time. Others will taper off more quickly and get fully involved in recovery. There are also different programs for building a support network. NA and other 12-step programs are great for many people, but there are other excellent programs.

Medical supervision is of the utmost importance.

You may be in a hurry to finish with taking Suboxone. However, you must not try to do it on your own. When you take medication assisted treatment with a Suboxone Dr., it is important to continue with regular visits on your appointment dates. Typically, doctor visits should be monthly or even more often. When you finally stop Suboxone, you should continue seeing the doctor on a regular basis. To help ensure your best chance for success, keep your appointments with your doctor and don’t attempt to stop taking Suboxone on your own without the supervision of your doctor.