Sublocade VS Vivitrol

Sublocade VS Vivitrol

Sublocade And Vivitrol: The two monthly injections for opioid addiction

Sublocade vs Vivitrol. Which one is better? is there, in fact, a better choice for all patients? And, if one monthly shot was clearly better than the other, why would there be a need for both to exist?

Vivitrol: The favorite of judges, prison wardens, parents and police chiefs.

Vivitrol is a monthly form of the medication, naltrexone. This monthly shot serves two purposes. First, it suppresses cravings for opioids to reduce the chance of relapse. Second, if the patient were to relapse on an opioid, the opioid would have little or no effect. This is because Vivitrol blocks most of the opioid receptors, preventing the patient from getting high. If the patient knows that they cannot get high, they will be less likely to try. The reason that authority figures love Vivitrol is that it has no abuse potential. There is no way to get high on this drug. Just as important, there is also no withdrawal sickness after stopping Vivitrol.

Sublocade: The new monthly shot for opioid addiction.

Sublocade can be thought of as a monthly injectable Suboxone. While it is still very new, it is based on a proven medical therapy. Even though Sublocade has not been studied head-to-head against Vivitrol, Suboxone has, as described in this article. After studying this drugs in comparison, the results were very similar. Both worked fairly well. Yet, we can expect Sublocade to work even better than Suboxone. Patients cannot skip doses or take it the wrong way. Therefore, it is likely that Sublocade will come out at least a little bit ahead in a Sublocade vs Vivitrol head-to-head study. One major advantage of Suboxone and Sublocade is that treatment can be started very soon after quitting addicting opioids.

So, when it comes to Sublocade vs Vivitrol, which one should you choose?

Vivitrol has one major downside. You can not start it right away. In fact, the patient must wait at least a week or two before getting started. Because of this waiting period, Vivitrol might be ideal in residential treatment programs. If the patient has already been clean for weeks in treatment, why not choose Vivitrol? Being a non-narcotic, Vivitrol is better accepted by the recovery community in general.

And what about Sublocade?

Sublocade, on the other hand works great for the opioid-addicted patient living out in the real world. It is common for patients addicted to opioids to maintain their home and work life while using drugs. It makes sense to offer an option that will allow them to continue with their families and careers without the need for weeks and months of costly rehab. Regarding the recovery community, the thinking about medications such as Suboxone and Sublocade is changing. They are starting to accept them as part of the new recovery.

In conclusion, the winner is…

Honestly, we are going to need more time and research to figure this out. In fact both of these monthly shots are excellent. The important thing is that we have a choice. We should be grateful that we even have medical treatment for opiate and opioid addiction. These two meds make it possible to save many lives. We cannot choose for you which of these meds is better for you. It all depends on your situation.

I recommend that you make an appointment with your doctor.

To make the choice, you should sit down and have a conversation. Only then, with expert help, can you weigh the pros and cons of each. When you have finally made the decision to give up opioids, you will be on your way to a new way of life. We wish you success and happiness in your new drug-free adventure. Please call your doctor today to learn more about Vivitrol treatment and Sublocade treatment.