What is a higher level of care?

A patient recently reached out to let me know that he had transferred to a fast tapering program because he required a “higher level of care”. I respect his decision and I want the best for him and his recovery program. I believe that everyone who struggles with opioid addiction has the power to change and stay clean. Continue reading “A higher Level Of Care”

Courage is required to look at your life and see what you need to change

When it comes to getting treatment for addiction, making changes in your life is never easy. The natural thing to do is to leave things the way they are. Even when we are not happy with our lives as they are, we often choose not to change. This is where courage comes in. Continue reading “Courage: Having the courage to change everything.”

Faith can help you to get medical help.

Faith is a principle that does not only belong to churches. When you hear the word faith, what does it make you think of? Do you think it means belief in God? Does it mean belief in spiritual powers of the universe? Continue reading “Faith: The power of faith in yourself and the possibility of quitting drugs.”