Medication assisted treatment for opioid dependence gives hope to recover

There is hope. Hope to recover. Hope to get better. To not die from a drug overdose. Current medical science provides what is called medication assisted treatment. This is the combined use of special medication and therapy to overcome opioid dependence and addiction. Continue reading “Hope: There is hope to overcome opioid addiction with medical treatment.”

Therapy is the cornerstone of Medication Assisted Treatment

Therapy is of the utmost importance in treating opioid dependence and addiction. Therefore, you cannot underestimate its importance. So, make sure you go for therapy! Continue reading “Therapy, Therapy, Therapy”

Willingness to accept addiction and overcome it.

Willingness to take action is essential in taking the first step to recovery. You may have a conversation early on with your sponsor about willingness. Are you ready to put it all behind you and begin a new way of life? Continue reading “Willingness to be openminded about how to help people trying to quit opioids”