Just say no means more than just quitting drugs.

When the first lady of the United States told us to “just say no” to drugs, many of us laughed at her. Why was it so funny? I think that we all know it’s not so easy. If it was, then we would have already been saying no. The fact is that, not only is it good advice, it should be applied to more than just drugs. There is a lot more that we must just say no to. It can save lives. Continue reading “Just Say No. It Can Save Your Life.”

Escape Rooms are an analogy for the process of gaining freedom from oppression.

Have you visited any of the many escape rooms? These businesses are popping up everywhere. It is a new and exciting form of entertainment that teaches valuable lessons. Hence, those of us who are in difficult life situations can learn from them. Continue reading “The Escape Rooms: Planning Your Escape”

Where Can I find addiction treatment centers in Weston, Florida?

Weston, Florida is a small city that is directly west of Fort Lauderdale and is next to the Everglades national park. Weston was designed by Arvida, a subsidiary of Disney. You can find some historical information here. While South Florida is home to many addiction programs, you may have some difficulty finding addiction treatment centers in Weston. Continue reading “Addiction Treatment Centers in Weston”

Attending the Debate

As a physician working in Fort Lauderdale, I believed that I should attend the debate for mayor of Fort Lauderdale. The debate was held in the Abdo New River Room at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, Thursday evening, January 4th, 2018. I parked in the parking garage across the street and made my way over to the venue. Continue reading “The Fort Lauderdale Mayoral Debate”