The Escape Rooms: Planning Your Escape

The Escape Rooms: Planning Your Escape

Escape Rooms are an analogy for the process of gaining freedom from oppression.

Have you visited any of the many escape rooms? These businesses are popping up everywhere. It is a new and exciting form of entertainment that teaches valuable lessons. Hence, those of us who are in difficult life situations can learn from them.

How, then, can we learn from the Escape Rooms metaphor?

In my medical practice, I have met with many patients who are fighting to escape active addiction to dangerous opiates and opioids. The trap of addicting drugs is, by itself, a challenging escape puzzle. How can we come up with a way to outsmart ourselves? That seems to be the solution to getting clean. You are working against the creative and intelligent abilities of your own brain. Yet, it is possible to get clean and quit drugs.

When you can’t find the next clue, you are allowed to ask for help

One thing that adds to the fun of the escape room is that if you are stumped, you are allowed to ask your guide for clues.  So, if you are willing to ask for help, your chances of success go up dramatically. The same goes for escaping and recovering from active addiction. If you are willing to get help, you have a chance.

What kind of help is available to get clean from opioid and opiate addiction?

The method of treatment with the highest rate of success is MAT, or medication assisted treatment. We use buprenorphine, in the form of medications such as Subutex, Suboxone and ZubSolv. Also, we use therapy to help you identify and avoid triggers.

What else must we escape to be successful?

The escape room of addiction, it turns out, has more puzzles to solve than simply getting clean. You must also consider other areas of your life where you are held back in such a way that you might have thoughts of going back to drugs eventually. It could be a bad job or a bad relationship. There are many areas of your life that could use a significant change.

Start planning your escape

Some of your life problems may seem impossible to overcome. They are not. You simply need to look at these challenges as puzzles to be solved. And, don’t be afraid to ask for help.