How are we observing international overdose awareness day here in Broward County?

Unfortunately, for the heroin and pill dealers, it is business as usual. In fact, I have already seen a patient today who bought heroin and used it this morning. Thankfully, for this particular patient, the recovery process has begun with detox therapy. In observing international overdose awareness day, let us work together to help more of our loved ones get away from active addiction and into recovery. Continue reading “Observing International Overdose Awareness Day in Fort Lauderdale, Florida”

Artist Rehab: The Creativity Connection

What is artist rehab? It means to rehabilitate an artist from active addiction. Hence, it is the process of getting an artist into recovery. Continue reading “Artist Rehab: Creativity and Recovery”

Opioid addiction treatment for young people

Addiction affects people of all ages, including children. However, doctors have not focused adequately on medical addiction treatment for childhood opioid addiction. In fact, many experts still believe that the best treatment for addicted children is therapy without medication. Contrary to this belief, opioid addiction treatment should be comprehensive and include medication as well as therapy. Continue reading “Opioid addiction treatment works. Why don’t more young people get prescribed medication?”

What is Sublocade?

Fort Lauderdale Sublocade doctors are learning the value of this new and important treatment for opioid addiction. Sublocade is a new medication that is given as a monthly injection. And, as reported in this New Start Recovery article, it provides a new hope for those who are addicted to opiates and opioids and their loved ones. Continue reading “Fort Lauderdale Sublocade Doctors Offer A New Hope”

Prescribing Suboxone Should Not Cause Distaste Amongst Doctors

According to this article, doctors not prescribing Suboxone is hindering the fight against the opioid epidemic. Then, why are doctors averse to prescribing life saving therapy? With so many benefits to suboxone treatment, why won’t more doctors get involved? Continue reading “Prescribing Suboxone Saves Lives”

Why can’t I stop?

My patient looked at me with frustration. he was almost in tears. “Why do I keep doing this?” As I listened to him, I started to think about stopping trains. Fighting addiction alone is as impossible as trying to stop a train with your bare hands. After letting him talk for a while, I explained that relapse happens and is common when it comes to opioid addiction. Even with opioid treatment, relapse can happen to anyone, especially if they are not strict in their program of recovery. Continue reading “Stopping Trains: Why can’t I stop using drugs on my own?”

What does it mean to “Jump Off”?

You are an individual. Hence, if you take Suboxone and you choose to stop, it is your decision. Yet, the Suboxone Dr, the physician who prescribes and manages your Suboxone treatment, should advise you appropriately. Going from the last dose of Suboxone to no Suboxone is sometimes called the “jump off”. Continue reading “Suboxone Dr Helping to Manage the Final Jump Off”