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Therapy, Therapy, Therapy

Therapy is the cornerstone of Medication Assisted Treatment

Therapy is of the utmost importance in treating opioid dependence and addiction. Therefore, you cannot underestimate its importance. So, make sure you go for therapy!

How much do you need?

The more, the better.  You should get as much therapy as possible. Twice weekly is standard. If you can’t go twice, at least go once per week. If you could go every day, that would be ideal. So, more therapy is better.

What do you mean by therapy?

Therapy means psychotherapy. That means a doctor of therapy. Hence, the ideal would be a doctor of psychology. A psychologist who has experience treating addiction is best.

Who pays for it?

If you have insurance, it probably pays for therapy. But, if yours does not pay, you can look for cheap or free options. The same goes if you do not have insurance.

How do you find free therapy?

Often county healthcare systems have cheap or free therapy. Also, check with your local universities. So, don’t worry, you can find therapy you can afford.

Why do I need therapy if I take Suboxone?

The short answer is, you just do. It has been decided that it is an important part of your program. The better answer is that it truly helps you to get better from the inside. You need to get to the bottom of your reasons for using drugs. Also, you need to learn skills to avoid the triggers and the cravings.

Can I just take Suboxone and taper off?

Of course not! Addiction does not work that way. If you do not get therapy, your risk of relapse is very high. So, do not be your own doctor. Go to therapy.

Are 12 step meetings therapy?

The friends you meet at 12-step group meetings do not have the training of a doctor of psychology. Yet, they may have years of experience in staying clean. You can learn a lot at meetings if you listen to the right people. Hence, meetings are a part of your therapy. So, you should go every single day.

Can I just go to 12 step meetings and skip the psychologist?

No, you cannot do this. You really need both to get better. So, you can think of your overall treatment as a three-legged stool. Your medicine is a leg, your therapist is another leg, and your meetings are the third leg. What happens if you sit on a three-legged stool when one of the legs is missing? You fall down! So, make sure you have a stable foundation. Your life may depend on it.

Therefore, you need a private therapist and group meetings in addition to taking Suboxone.

It seems like a lot of work, but your life is worth it. You are an important person and it is time for you to reclaim your life. With a solid program, you can overcome and recover from addiction to opioids and opiates.

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