Narcotic Addicts of the Gold Coast and South Broward, get help now.

Narcotic Addicts of the Gold Coast and South Broward, do you know what resources are available to you for help? When you are ready to stop hurting yourself, do you know who to call and what to do? It can be confusing. There is conflicting information out there.

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Honesty and Gratitude. The warriors that will help you fight to stay alive.

Honesty and gratitude are not easy in the beginning. A patient once told me a story. His family confronted him about his addiction.  They gave him an ultimatum. If he did not stop using drugs, they were going to have him locked up in rehab. Continue reading “Honesty and Gratitude, The Sworn Enemies Of The Disease Of Addiction”

Addiction clinics are simply a place to get health care.

So, addiction clinics focus on health care for addiction.  Addiction is a medical condition.  There are changes in the brain that cause you to overuse and misuse uncontrollably.  Then, you realize that you can’t stop.  Yet, you know you are hurting yourself and others, but you need help to stop.

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Where was Jimmy?

This is a story about overdose. I used to eat breakfast with a small group of friends every Sunday. It was a quiet, relaxing time to get together and talk. One of my friends was named Jimmy. Jimmy lived in a neighborhood nearby. That was one thing we had in common. He wasn’t in the same immediate housing development, but he lived in the next one over. Continue reading “Jimmy’s Overdose – The Story of a Lost Friend”

How to get free buprenorphine meds for opioid dependence

Free Suboxone, Free Subutex, Free Zubsolv, Free buprenorphine?

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Addiction Doctors

Addiction doctors help you with your opioid addiction.  There are many kinds of addiction, not only substance abuse.  There is addiction to work, sex, gambling and more. When it comes to prescription drug use, opioid pain relievers are high on the list of dangerous drugs of abuse. Of the street drugs, one of the deadliest is heroin.  Street dealers are adding deadly fentanyl to heroin these days.  Fortunately, addiction doctors can help you quit heroin.  In fact, they can help you quit today.

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Mornings bring safety and sanity. You are clean one more day. No one every woke up in the morning after a night of refreshing sleep and said, “I wish I had used drugs last night.” Of course not. In the morning, at the beginning of a fresh new day, that seems crazy. Continue reading “Mornings”

Fishhook Effect

What is the difference between a fishhook and a paperclip? It’s the barb. The sharp, triangular part at the beginning of the hook. It’s the point of entry, the first part that enters a fish’s flesh. And, it is what keeps the fish from escaping and swimming away. Continue reading “Fishhook Effect”