The Future Of Opioid Addiction Treatment

Medication Assisted Treatment Virtual Reality will be a part of the future of addiction treatment. In fact, it is already, in the form of telemedicine, in use today. Patients are getting medical help to recover from opiate and opioid addiction without having to leave their homes. MATVR will someday advance opioid therapy to the point that remote treatment may be superior to regular in-office visits. Continue reading “Medication Assisted Treatment Virtual Reality: MATVR”

When Will The Generic Suboxone Strips Be Available?

While pharmacies have been carrying generic Suboxone tablets for some time, patients want to know about a generic film or strip. Most patients prefer the film over tablets. The fact is that the film dissolves faster. Continue reading “Generic Suboxone Film: When Will It Finally Be Approved?”

Kradom Or Kratom Is A Powerful Street Drug

Incredibly, kradom has been legal for a long time. Because it can get you high and it is not an approved medicine, it is a street drug. People have been ordering it online and buying it in gas stations. Hence, it is readily available. You can click/tap here are more drug facts. Continue reading “Kradom: What You Need To Know Now About This Drug”
I want to welcome guest author, Sarah Cummings, of Sleep Advisor. When it comes to recovering from addiction, sleep is an important component of the recovery process. It can take time for sleep cycles to return to normal. Early on, falling asleep and staying asleep can be difficult. There are some excellent tips in this article that can help. Please comment below if you have any thoughts on the subject of getting a better night’s sleep. Continue reading “Four Ways to Improve Sleep During Addiction Recovery”

Are 12 step programs helpful in quitting opioids?

Heroin Anonymous is one of many 12 step programs. When I say “12 step”, I mean a program that has been modeled after Alcoholics Anonymous.  It is called a 12 step program because the program has a set of 12 steps to help you to get clean and stay clean. If you decide to go to a 12 step meeting, you have a lot of choices. Therefore, you may choose to go to Heroin Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous or one of many others. Continue reading “Heroin Anonymous: The Power Of 12 Step Recovery in Quitting Heroin”

Is it possible to help an adult child who does not want your help?

While you may think that the situation is hopeless, you can help your adult child to recover from addiction. Parents of addicted adults can do a great deal to give their children a better chance to survive. In fact, you may be surprised to know that your child really does want your help. You simply need to learn more about how to help an addict. Continue reading “Parents Of Addicted Adults: How To Help An Addict”

The Power Of The Addictive Mind

What is the Brain Trust? This is a concept described by Ed Catmull in his book, Creativity Inc. In the book, he talks about special meetings of the creative thinkers of his company. While a meeting is in session, the attendees cannot attack or judge each others ideas. Yet, candid criticism is welcome. In a Brain Trust meeting, members discuss and refine ideas. Interestingly, Addicted individuals tend to be highly intelligent and creative and they are encouraged to attend regular special meetings. Continue reading “Brain Trust: The Competitive Advantage Of Addiction”

Suboxone Abuse Is Real

it’s easy to attack a medical treatment as being dangerous or ineffective. In fact, any sort of medical treatment that actually works and helps people will also have a downside. Hence, there are side effects, adverse reactions, allergies, and just plain treatment failures. Suboxone abuse is also a concern. Therefore, we must take care in prescribing Suboxone. Continue reading “Suboxone Abuse: Is it safe to use Suboxone to treat addiction?”

The Opioid Crisis Response Act of 2018

With this new law, there may finally be light at the end of the tunnel. Free Suboxone treatment has not been available so far, with only a few exceptions. Now, there will soon be funding for many more accessible programs. Continue reading “Free Suboxone Treatment: An Interview With Lobbyist Bob Coates”

Did you know that you can get free suboxone for a year?

While I have written about this topic in the past, it is worth revisiting. The cost of Suboxone is high. So, how is it possible to get free suboxone for a year? Continue reading “Free Suboxone For A Year: How Does It Work?”